From wellness to wellbeing, this is how wellness tourism will change in 2021: the birth of workation and comprehensive health as a priority

Two days to kick off 2021, and after one of the longest years in memory, the need for a break becomes not just a wish, but a reality. Disconnect to reconnect, reset and finally, breathe, it will become one of the clearer trends in the coming months. That's right.

By Zoom or for lovers of traditions, by phone (if you ask a centennial, I would classify the action as vintage at least): this is how everything is done lately. Even (and especially) the interviews. Gone was that of the 'face to face'. Now, km away and after several tones, the magic begins. To decipher what wellness and well-being have in store for us in the 365 days ahead, we have spoken with Alexander Bataller, deputy director of SHA Wellness , a select luxury clinic, dedicated to the well-being of body and mind (with a dream landscape in the background), a leader in comprehensive care.

Sha Wellness.

Situated in L'Abir (Alicante), you just need to search #shawellness on Instagram to find more than four thousand publications among which we can see famous nationals such as Ana Boyer or Rossi de Palma, but also international celebrities such as Naomi Campbell taking a break to recharge their batteries.

"All this that we are going through with the pandemic makes all of us think more about the importance of personal care and therefore, there is greater interest," Alejandro tells us by phone. "I think that although all tourism is affected at the moment, the health tourism it will be much more resilient in these circumstances. You will even experience a major claim. In the last five years it has grown an average of 15% annually, twice what traditional tourism has been growing, an average of 7% ", he tells us. And, in the world of tourism, everything related with health and wellness will be a clear trend in 2021, fruit of the present in which we live where health has undoubtedly taken a leading role in every way.

"Within wellness tourism there was a much lighter offer, much more focused on relaxation: massages with a more holistic concept, spa … and I believe that the convergence between wellness and health will adopt a more serious approach in the medical part, because people, as they travel, not only want to relax, but also want to get ready, "he says. And the fact is, he is right: medical presence in vacation destinations dedicated to wellness will increase in the coming years. "A clear point is everything related to the immune system. We in SHA in July we launched a package focused on immune system booster and I believe that in the end this is one of the great keys to this whole situation. We want our system to be the best possible to face the health problems that may come, "he emphasizes.

However, this need to achieve optimal health is also linked to another trend that is taking hold more than ever, the personalization of treatments According to the individual needs of the patient, "genetics take on more and more importance. Genetic tests that a few years ago were less achievable, can now be carried out without problems so that the client's treatment and recommendations are much more personalized and therefore, infinitely more effective. "

Alejandro Bataller, deputy director of SHA Wellness.

But the immune system is not the only claim, the so-called 'gut health' it becomes another of the most demanded services: the health of the digestive system and the study of the microbiota. Digestive problems, pain with no apparent explanation … SHA is also specialized in detecting and treating these types of conditions, "It is estimated that around 30% of the population suffers from digestive problems. Usually it is not easy to find the solution and within the wellness industry it did not have much presence either. He has talked about a lot about detox, but a detox more focused on purifying the body because there has been a season of excesses and so on, but this goes much further. SHA we carry out a detailed study of the health status of your digestive system from a medical and scientific point of view to address possible solutions with the aim that we can enjoy an optimal state of health ", Alejandro tells us.

But when we talk about health, we are not only talking about the physical. Mental health is fundamental and its care will be another of the most demanded needs this coming year: "Everything related, now more than ever, with mental health, stress, anxiety … the situation we are going through has made many people comes down to the circumstances and everything that is related to mental wellness is going to emerge ", he acknowledges.

However, the indisputable thing this year is that the way of traveling and moving around has changed. Teleworking has given more freedom in all senses, which is why the phenomenon of 'workations' has spread: "The tendency to combine rest, work and continue attending to professional responsibilities. Until now, experience was understood in serious wellness as a moment to disconnect: turn off the mobile, rest from obligations … but in the end the type of people who now go to wellness centers has changed a lot. A wellness center like SHA is no longer so intended for a middle-aged woman who wants to lose weight -which also- but the vast majority who attend are people who have a very active life, demanding professions, a high level of responsibility, a lot of stress, etc. In addition, they travel a lot and, precisely as a result of all that context, they need when they have free time, take advantage of it to get ready, "says Bataller.

The change has also been given by circumstances, "the evolution of teleworking has been key and makes it more normal every day to be able to work from anywhere in the world. At SHA, we are working on this, we adapt to the time availability of the guest and we have created a telework kit, so that if you have this need we can satisfy it ".

Suite at SHA Wellness.

"Installing in the suite the work table, the hergonomic chair, the printer … so that you can work while taking care of yourself. Also, around 60% of our guests come alone, that's why it is a perfect concept for the SHA to combine both".

And the method that they follow in this luxury clinic fosters this ambiguity, "the SHA method is also very focused on improving productivity. We have a cognitive stimulation unit, there are many people who have come even when they have had busy seasons or to make very important decisions in their trajectory. And they have come right here because they believe that they can find the best concentration scenario outside the usual noise, "he explains.

Although 2021 promises to be a turbulent year, the premise is clear: quality will prevail over quantity, something in which Alejandro Bataller also agrees, "people are going to start making fewer trips but of a longer duration. In this present the reason why we make the trip and leave security and safety becomes much more important. home comfort. A trip to cultivate well-being and health will have more weight than one that is only lighter in nature. If you move, you need a compelling reason to move and that is given to you by a place like SHA ", he concludes .

How long is the minimum time to stay at the clinic? One week, although what they recommend, if possible, is to do a cycle of 21 days (time in which a habit is generated) to rest, recharge batteries, notice the beneficial changes in the diet that they serve in SHA (free of food refined, flours, artificial sweeteners …) as well as the treatments that you can receive once you enter its doors. There is no other phrase to describe it: an authentic -almost-religious experience that, in addition to being pleasant, will improve our health.

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