From the Perseids to chocolate: when it rained cocoa in Switzerland in the middle of 2020

It is Friday at noon. With the imminent arrival of the weekend, you decide to go to the supermarket to fill the fridge and avoid crowds. Therefore, you get in your car to go shopping and, suddenly, you find the unexpected: while you are driving, you see that it seems that snow is falling in the middle of August … but dark in color. You get out of the car and decide to grab one of those flakes that are on the windshield, whose touch, smell, even taste are familiar to you. Could it be raining chocolate?

Although it may sound like a science fiction story or a children's story, that is what in reality It happened last Friday in the Swiss city of Olten, located between Zurich and Basel. Indeed, if 'chocolate' and 'Switzerland' are put together in the same phrase, we can soon find a plausible explanation for what could actually happen last Friday, and, if above, it is confirmed that in this Swiss town there is one of the most important factories of the well-known company Lindt & Spruengli, everything can be possible.

It was only a few days ago that the inhabitants of Olten discovered that numerous local vehicles, as well as extensive esplanades of land, were covered by small dark colored flakes. It was not necessary to tie many ends to understand that they came from the famous Swiss chocolate factory, although the reason was unknown and why were they leaving from inside the factory in the direction of the street, in large numbers and causing the surprise of the neighbors.

Soon, Lindt discovered that he was suffering from a problem in the ventilation system of one of the refrigeration chambers of the factory's cocoa roasting line. That ruling, coupled with significant gusts of wind that exist in the area, caused a curious combination: it resulted in the stored cocoa powder going out through the ducts into the street, causing a kind of chocolate snow which covered some vehicles close to the area, including adjacent streets.

After finding where the technical problem was, the company soon got down to work to try to solve the situation and, thus, prevent one of its main raw materials from continuing to spread abroad, with the consequent damage that it could generate to the local inhabitants. After fixing it, Lindt reported that the dust posed no risk to the health of the population and he offered to pay for the cleaning of the stained vehicles, as well as to fix hypothetical damages that they could cause.

Although it may sound strange, It is not one of the strangest things that have rained in recent years. Without going any further, in 1969 there was a rain of golf balls after a tornado that took place in Punta Gorda (Florida, USA); In 2010, several North American localities assured that there were rained meat from heaven, where the investigation showed that great winds caused the seagulls to drop their food in mid-flight; much closer to time, this same year, there have been various lobster showers in several African countries; and, on a regular basis, fish and frogs often fall from the sky as a consequence of the weather.

As a curiosity, to date none of the owners affected by the cocoa stains have requested Lindt to clean their vehicles. After fixing the problem in the vents, factory production returned to normal operation and what happened was simply a mere anecdote. Of course, no one has doubts that anything can happen in 2020 that, almost certainly, nothing will surprise us.

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