From Rope to Boxing: The Five Best Cardio Exercises If You Hate Running

Everyone knows that cardio is very effective for weight loss and heart health. You can do cardio exercises even at the office. Nothing should stop that need to be in good shape. There are many cardio exercises and running is the most popular. But it is not for all tastes. It can bore you, cause pain, or tire you out within a couple of minutes. But don't worry, you have many alternatives. These are the best (and you don't need the gym).

Boxing or kickboxing

You don't need to climb a ring or listen to advice from a corner to enjoy some really great cardio practice. By incorporating different types of kicks, punches, and foot movements, you can train your core and upper and lower body muscles While you make your heart pump Use a combination of jabs, crossovers, and kicks to create your own training sequence. It will help you find a good online program.

Jump the rope

It is as simple as it is effective. Jumping rope is a low impact exercise that you can do anywhere. You only need one square meter of space to swing the rope and jump. Too it is very effectiveResearch indicates that a daily 10-minute jump rope program is as effective as a 30-minute moderate-paced run. The way to do this is by keeping your elbows close to your body. o and the upright trunk to keep your balance while jumping.


Calisthenics consists of body weight movements that help you to get stronger and improve your cardiovascular condition. You can do a quick calisthenics routine anywhere, from the office or even in your bedroom. The most common exercises in this type of training are elbow curls, pull-ups, dips, squats, or abdominals.


The iron is a great way to develop force and resistance. When you combine the traditional plank with any type of movement, it increases the difficulty and your heart rate increases by involving more parts of the body. While doing them, always try to keep the Straight back and activates the buttocks to acquire a proper posture.

Walking lifting weight

Could there be anything simpler than walking lifting weights or dumbbells? And if you don't have these items, try refilling a water bottle. It is also known as farmer walks and it is an exercise as simple as it is full of benefits. Not only will your heart rate increase, but you will develop muscle strength in arms and core. Mind you, choose a weight that is challenging, but not too difficult and uncomfortable to lift. AND walk faster to increase your heart rate.

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