From orange juice to strawberry smoothie: five delicious drinks that help your immune system recover when you’re sick

A person does not live on cleansing juices or detox shakes alone. That not everything is to fight against fluid retention and act in prevention. What happens when you have fallen ill and you get between the sheets feeling like a rag? Sure, you think the world is a wreck and you see everything black. But the sensible thing is to establish a express recovery plan and nothing better than a good restorative juice or smoothie so that your immune system recovers and definitively expels those viruses that torment you so much. Here are the best proposals:

Orange, grapefruit and other citrus

Nothing better than an explosion of citrus to recover your best levels of vitamin Cso full of those properties antioxidants that protect your cells from substances that harm the body. A vitamin C deficiency can cause delayed wound healing, a poor immune response and an inability to adequately fight infections. If you have a cold, high doses of vitamin C can cause a significant attenuation of symptoms and faster recovery.

Green apple, carrot and orange

A smoothie of carrots, apples and oranges is a winning combination to help your body protect itself and fight infection. While apples and oranges provide you with vitamin C, carrots will provide that Vitamin A which is also essential for a healthy immune system. Carrots also contain vitamin B-6which plays an important role in the proliferation of immune cells and the production of antibodies.

Beetroot, carrot, ginger and apple

This fortifying juice incorporates three tubers that will help your immune system and reduce inflammatory symptoms. Inflammation is often an immune response to infections that originate from viruses or bacteria. Cold or flu symptoms include runny nose, cough, and body aches.


This juice is a whole classic and could not be missing from this list. The best way to make sure your tomato juice is fresh and doesn’t contain a lot of extra ingredients is do it yourself. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin B-9commonly known as folate. Helps reduce the risk of infections. Tomatoes also provide magnesium, an anti-inflammatory.

strawberry and kiwi

Strawberries and kiwis are other healthy options to include in a drink full of vitamin C within your express recovery plan. make them with skimmed milk. Milk is a good source of protein and vitamin D, which is difficult to find in juices that use only fruits or vegetables. Many people are deficient in vitamin D, which is found primarily in sunlight and in smaller amounts in animal products. Healthy levels, achieved through sunlight, diet, or supplements, reduce the risk of respiratory infections like pneumonia or the flu.