From carrots, to legumes, kale or flax seeds, these are the superfoods that should not be missing from your diet if you want to boost your immune system

Okay, maybe the superfood label they have invented it in a marketing department, but it is also true that not everything we include in our shopping cart is equally healthy and sometimes intuition fails us. That is why the concept of superfoods refuses to disappear from our minds and continues in 2020, because it makes it easier for us to think of them as a lifeline. Especially now that eating well is more necessary than ever to have an intact immune system and proof against opportunistic infections. Do you want to know what is our selection of superfoods for fenders? If you include it in your daily diet, you will not regret it (and you will eat much healthier).

Carrots: antioxidant power

They are cheap, you can make them your favorite snack because they can be eaten raw, you find them all year round and, on top of that, they are good. Please listen to them and try to include them in your side dishes and snacks. Why? Why are rich in vitamin A, an antioxidant that is very effective in strengthening the immune system against infections.

Legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas … and soy)

Learn once and for all that when we talk about legumes you have to include those of a lifetime (chickpeas, beans, beans and lentils) and also all those that we find difficult to identify as such, such as peas, miso, tempeh or edamame. If you want to be healthy years and years, take care to include in your diet three servings of pulses a day (A mid-morning hummus, including them in salads and as a first course will help you get it.

Legumes are loaded with vegetable proteins (remember that we spend eating meat and there are other alternatives), minerals such as iron and zinc and vegetable fiber. Thanks to this combination they are not only good for defenses, they are also strong allies against cancer: a review of the 21 best studies that have been done on this disease concluded that we should eating whole grains or legumes at every meal to prevent cancer.

Berries, including strawberries, can save your life because they are also a superfood for super defenses.

Berries (such as strawberries, blackberries, blueberries …)

It goes for fashions and there are more exotic than others, but lso more antioxidant powers have been shown (and that best help keep us healthy) are strawberries, cherries, blackberries, raspberries, currants, and blueberries. And if you want to get exquisite, don't forget the goji berries and açaí.

All these berries not only strengthen the immune system, but help protect us from cancer and protect the liver and the brain. Like a handful of them a day and you will live longer … and healthier.

Between cabbage and cabbage … more defenses thanks to cabbages

If when you think about cruciferous, only the brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower, expand your listing. To this family also belong the radishes, watercress, collards, arugula, and for the most gourmets, the chopi pack and the well-known kale.

This entire multi-member family is capable of activate defenses against pathogens and they help the liver to do its detoxification work. So you should include them at least once a day in your diet.

Kiwis strengthen your defenses and make the flu less flu.

Kiwis: green and yellow are worth

Surprising but true, this little fruit is capable of lending a hand to the defenses when they need it most. And in case the green kiwi is very acidic, you can try your luck with the yellow, because it retains all its virtues.

A study carried out with children and other research carried out with the elderly (two risk groups for infections such as influenza) found that those who took this small fruit as a snack cut your risk of catching a cold or flu in half in front of those who took banana as a snack. Even those who fell ill noticed how their symptoms disappeared earlier (two days compared to the five days of runny nose suffered by those who ate bananas).


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Flax seeds, sprinkle daily

A teaspoon of flaxseeds a day, whether golden or brown, guarantee you an anti-disease insurance for some of the ailments that most concern us all, such as high blood pressure and breast cancer. The source of their healthy power is that they contain very powerful antioxidants called lignans. To sacrifice the whole game, the ideal is to grind the seeds and sprinkle them on what we are going to eat. Don't worry: the lignans don't disappear the molars, aces, freezes or microwaves.

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