From airfit to pole fitness, acrobatics to lose weight

Airfit. It is a relatively new activity in the world of fitness, which combines the postural benefits of yoga with those of pilates and the fun of acrobatics. "The class takes place in a fabric tied to the ceiling in the form of a swing, which is placed at the height of the hip and in which you have to adopt a series of postures designed to tone muscles, improve circulation, decompress the spine and relieve lower back pain, "explains Liza Bulnes, AerialMAD trainer.

Pole fitness. The acrobatics in bar They are on their way to becoming an Olympic sport. Performing aerial exercises and choreographies in a fixed bar promises tone up and work the Balance and the flexibility.

From the circus

The bungee is focused on burn calories and work all the musculature. Inspired by circus techniques, the participants perform intensive exercises hanging from a harness tied to a Elastic cord. The class can be more oriented to dance and acrobatics (bungee dance) or cardio (bungee fit).