Frequent mistakes in hair care

A weak, dull and dry hair results from the mistreatment to which you submit it. Learn what are the mistakes when caring for your hair and how to have a healthy mane.

Last update: 08 November, 2021

The use of suitable products and daily care prevent mistakes when caring for the hair. Sometimes, due to ignorance, the hair does not receive the necessary nutrition and certain habits damage it.

Characteristics of a healthy hair are flexibility, resistance, shine, softness and manageability.. In addition, it is essential that the scalp does not suffer from capillary disorders, as hygiene and psychological consequences could be triggered, as indicated in an article published in the journal Offarm.

The text adds that the length, color, shape and texture influence the image we project. So it is important to protect the hair or recover it if it is already damaged.

Hair care mistakes

Renewing the appearance of your hair involves actions such as improving the washing method and not using chemicals. Next, we reveal other flaws that prevent you from showing off a commercial hair.

1. Select an unsuitable shampoo

The wrong choice of products takes its toll. Not all hair deserves the same nutrients; there are formulas for each class. If you don’t know which one is right for you, consult a professional stylist.

If you use a shampoo for a long time, your hair will get used to its properties. It is recommended that, after a few months, you alternate with other products to perceive new benefits.

Regarding the 2 in 1, are practical to save money and time. But the dual role will never favor as much as the individual.

Not all shampoos are of the same quality. It is convenient to research the market and choose the appropriate one.

2. Leave the conditioner

There are those who do not use conditioner believing that their hair will be more greasy. Error! This cosmetic is part of the cleaning, shine and hydration that the hair demands. Unlike shampoo, apply it from medium to ends, without touching the roots.

3. Mix treatments

By confusing the daily shampoo with the special treatment or combining moisturizers, masks and conditioners, you risk hair injury.

4. Sleeping with wet hair

Lying down with wet hair causes it to break more easily. Also, wet bedding increases the risk of irritations, dandruff and the appearance of fungi, as defined by an investigation published by the magazine Allergy. On the other hand, the sebaceous glands are altered by moisture, making hair greasy.

5. Unravel the wrong way

The ideal way to detangle the hair is starting at the ends, moving to the middle and finally from the root down. It is best if you use a wide tooth comb and do not exceed 20 strokes.

Do it before entering the shower and once the hair dries. It will be more effective with the help of a fabric softener.

6. Misuse of irons, dryers and tongs

One of the mistakes when caring for your hair is mishandling the tools to dry it or curl it. Do not abuse them.

The dryer should be activated at medium temperature, preferably with a diffuser to avoid excess heat. Never iron or try to curl damp hair, as the steam will open the cuticles and leave brittle strands.

7. Apply chemicals constantly

All hair has a tolerance before ending up mistreated by multiple discolorations and dyes. It is good to change look if it makes you feel comfortable, but keep in mind that one chemical after another mistreats your hair.

Nowadays, you can dye your hair with plant extracts or chemical-free professional colorants.

8. Do not wash the sea salt

Returning from the beach and not washing your hair increases the risk of dryness. It is essential to rinse with a hydrating shampoo that removes saline particles and dust. Something similar happens with the chlorine in the pool.

9. Do not use sunscreen

The pharmaceutical magazine Offarm warns that many people underestimate hair photoprotection, forgetting that hair suffers intense and prolonged attack from the sun’s rays. The suggestion is to use products that contain sun filters.

10. Don’t cut it

Far from what many think, not cutting it is another of the mistakes when taking care of the hair. Trim every 3 months to repair the ends and the natural oils from the scalp to hydrate the strands.

11. Wash it a little or a lot

Extremes are bad; even when it comes to cleaning the hair. How often to wash your hair? It is advisable 2 times a week or every other day if you have oily hair.

12. Tighten when combing

When you pick up a ponytail, do not tense excessively, because you predispose the hair to breakage. You will feel pain and cause damage to the scalp.

13. Do not clean the brushes

A grimy brush transfers grime to your hair. Make sure they are always clean and replace the damaged ones.

The brush is an important part of caring for your hair. Keeping it in good condition is key.

Other tips for healthy hair

Do not wait for your hair to require help to give it the attention it deserves. As a precaution, try the following suggestions:

  • Eat properly. Hair is nourished by minerals and vitamins that reach the body through food. Eat less salt, simple sugars, and processed foods. Instead, increase your diet with vegetables, fruits, and sprouts.
  • Rinse with cold water. Start the bath with warm water and the final rinse with cold water, to give the hair shine.
  • Comb at night. Brushing your hair a few minutes before going to bed is excellent for exfoliating the scalp and stimulating its blood circulation. Likewise, it eliminates the residues of beauty products.

When to go to a specialist to care for your hair?

If the damage to your hair is deep, do not hesitate to go to a styling specialist to indicate the appropriate treatment. Also consider that some hair problems warrant the intervention of a dermatologist.

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