France is the first country to donate Covid-19 vaccines to nations in need

During an online event commemorating the first year of the Launch of the Covid-19 Access Accelerator (ACT), which took place on April 22, the French president said they would become the first country to donate coronavirus vaccines to nations in need. Further, the president asked the international community to follow suit and share their antidotes with those who also need them.

In his speech, the French leader emphasized that:

"Our health is also at stake in the poorest countries."

And explained about the global inequality in the way vaccines have been distributed. For example; one in 6 people received the vaccine in Europe, one in 5 in North America, but only 1 in 100 in Africa.

A great initiative to help those most in need

Faced with the unbalanced situation, President Macron, decided to donate a batch with more than 100,000 doses of AstraZeneca antidotes for the African region. Which were delivered on April 26, 2021. These will be intended for medical personnel and for the highest priority groups of people.

The mandatary contributed 5% of the antidotes available to his country to help the front line fighting the coronavirus in Africa. Leaders from the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, and Japan spoke broadly about work together in the face of global problems. To do this, they announced a total of 7,500 dollars in aid to reinforce global vaccination.

The help of the powers in the developing regions will be essential to achieve a comprehensive immunization. Macron pointed out the importance of the presence of the West in solving global problems. Otherwise, citizens in need will turn to Chinese and Russian antidotes, and then "The power of the West will not be a reality."

The French leader called for the United States and the countries of Europe to give Africa the 13 million doses that are needed. Since they are required to immunize all health personnel on the continent.

China and Russia are already ahead in several countries, as is the case in some in Latin America. Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela are inoculating Sputnik V, developed by the Russian laboratory. Something similar is also happening in the giants of the region, Mexico is about to apply the Russian doses and in Brazil two antidotes produced in the Chinese laboratories of Sinovac and Sinopharm are used.

The French president wants to prevent the same from happening in African countriesGiven this, he decided to make his country the first to share antidotes with those who most need it. And he stated that his country will continue with the donation process of 500,000 doses by mid-June to other nations that need it.

It is undoubtedly a great help to combat the pandemic at a global level

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