Four tips to sleep (finally) in summer

We are living the first heat wave of summer. It is not being very well received (at least on our part) and is that, when the routine continues and the office does not forgive, the city is not the best place to be at 40 degrees. One of the biggest drawbacks of high temperatures? Sleep at night. To the cry of "One and no more!" after two sleepless nights we have decided unanimously that you need to know these little tricks. The heat will not be with you.

Lower your temperature. It is not all about putting the fan on top; your body temperature also counts. To lower it, shower with warm water before going to bed and do not play sports after seven in the afternoon.

Fresh dinner. And light. Heavy dinners or alcohol consumption make quality sleep more difficult. The ideal dinner? The cold soups: liquid and with an extra freshness. Of course, take them two hours before going to bed.


Check your mattress. It is useless to be at 22 ºC if your mattress no longer fulfills its function properly. Look for one that reduces pressure points on the body, because that decreases the number of times you need to change your posture.

Follow the ritual. Good sleep hygiene has its keys. The first rule is that, if you are sleeping badly, you take a nap or, at most, sleep for half an hour. The second is that you should go to bed only when you are sleepy … even if that forces you to delay bedtime. And if, for whatever reason, you wake up, get up and do something relaxing that does not require attention until the dream returns.

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