For what reasons should we practice gratitude every day?

With the daily routine, we may overlook those details that seem small, but are ultimately the most important. Thus, incorporating the practice of gratitude will help us identify everything that is part of our life and that does us good.

Maybe it's that special breakfast you've made yourself, or that conversation with your best friend. Perhaps your child has learned a new word, or you have passed a test that you have studied hard for. It may be a journey that you have made All the reasons are valid! Giving thanks for what you have accomplished will make you realize how lucky you are.

gratitude contributes to our well-being

Whether it is an academic, economic, emotional or material, think about how important it is to you and how much you deserve it. You will raise your self-esteem and confidence in yourself, since you will be able to see more clearly all the potential that is in you.

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Focusing on what is good for you and being aware of it while analyzing it will put you in the present immediately. If you do it during a meditation, you will expand gratitude. If you wish, you can create your own mantra from a phrase that connects you with that feeling. It is proven that positive affirmations they have numerous benefits.

How to practice it?

Pick a time of day that is just for you. The idea is that you connect with yourself and that you enjoy this activity. Always have a notebook and pen on hand, and make sure you won't be interrupted. Set an alarm or write it down in your calendar, so that it becomes part of your routine.

If you have the possibility, do a meditation. It's a great way to prepare before you start. Now, take 10 minutes – or as long as you need – to write down each of the reasons you are grateful for. Do a review of your entire day and your present in general.

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Focus on those little things that make you feel good. Then write everything that comes to mind. If you can't find reasons to feel gratitudeRemember that you are alive You probably have a meal on your table and a roof that protects you from the cold and rain. Consider yourself lucky for what you have!

Just look around you and you will find many reasons to be grateful.. As you incorporate this habit, it will become easier for you to identify them. In addition, you will begin to acquire a more positive outlook on life and adversity.

And you, why are you grateful today?