Foods you shouldn't eat if you have uric acid

Do you know what high levels of uric acid? If you have never paid attention to this detail in your blood tests; pay attention. An excessive level (above 7 mg / dL) can cause kidney stones and gout (uric acid crystals in the joints).

One of the key elements when it comes to controlling uric acid is food. Surely you've heard that you should ban red meat or shellfish, but there are many more foods that you should eliminate. Which are? We tell you.



The viscera are not recommended at all. You should avoid livers, kidneys and heart, no matter where they come from, since they contain a very high level of purines.


Coffee and soft drinks have to increase uric acid levels, especially since the body has to choose what to expel first, sugar or uric acid.

Anchovies and anchovies

You should not consume any of these fish, as they usually come canned and contain purines.

Dairy products

You should opt for skimmed dairy and soft cheeses and run away from the very strong or cured.

Red meat and seafood

Although they are an excellent source of protein, their consumption should be moderate, since they are associated with cardiovascular deficiencies and have a high purine content. The same happens with seafood, it has a very high percentage of purines.

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