Foods you should not eat without cooking

It is true that cooking some food takes a lot of vitamins and nutrients that are very beneficial for your health and that many foods would be better consumed raw to take advantage of its nutritional value but this rule is not the same for all ingredients. If you are a fan of raw food, salads, crudités or vegetable shakes, take note of those foods that are best to be cooked because raw can seriously harm your health.



Eggplants are vegetables from the Solanaceae family that have the peculiarity of being rich in Solanine, a toxic substance that can cause abdominal and digestive discomfort if raw food is consumed.

Before playing it, adding raw eggplant to a smoothie or salad, cook it to avoid the harmful effects of solanine (flatulence, diarrhea and other associated symptoms not desirable) and orPta for elaborations as rich and healthy as baking, gratin and stuffed or grilled.



Ok, it is not normal to eat raw chicken, but just in case you experience cooking and make a tartare or a revised ceviche, keep in mind that it is very dangerous to eat raw chicken.

If you do not want to catch a good salmonellosis always cook the chicken because there are a lot of recipes to enjoy it in the kitchen how to do it in curries, in grilled skewers, baked, in tempura … who will want a piece of raw chicken being able to eat it cooked? Do not even think about it.


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Both broccoli and cauliflower have a high concentration of substances called oxalates. What oxalates do is hinder the absorption of iron by the body, a phenomenon that decreases when cooking food. Be careful not to cook them too much to avoid losing nutritional benefits of broccoli but do not leave it raw if you do not want oxalates to prevent you from having good levels of iron in your body.



Solanine is not only present in eggplants, also in immature tomatoes or potatoes. This toxic substance is very harmful to the body but is inactive with cooking so do not play it and before eating raw potatoes (in case it had ever crossed your mind), stew them, fry them or cook them that are much richer and do not pose any danger to your health.



Beware of picking mushrooms or any mushroom in the field if you are not an expert in mycology, or you become accompanied by an expert or better acquire them from experienced gatherers or in markets because they can be very dangerous for health, toxic and even fatal (and We don't exaggerate!) Further, some mushrooms can be difficult to digest and cooking would eliminate this problem since it favors the breakdown of cell walls in order to make the food much more digestive.

Eat raw food It can be very beneficial for your health but be very careful with the type of food you chooseSome ingredients are much better cooked to take advantage of all its nutritional benefits and avoid unnecessary risks.

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