Foods you should never put in the shopping cart if you want to lose weight

The Shopping list It is the first step when structuring your diet. Think about it: if you don't buy it, you won't take it home and if you don't have it at home, you won't eat it. As simple as that. Have you ever wondered why, although doing everything right (when it comes to nutrition and sports) you don't lose fat? The answer is simple: not all of us are equal, and we lose weight at the same rate. There are several factors that influence weight loss: stress is one of them, as is anxiety.

How to face them? There are several exercises to cope with them: breathing, meditation, relaxation … the key is to be aware of what we eat, run away from binge eating and understand that when we have anxiety or need to take something to the wedding, nothing happens , but it is much better if it is a healthy food.

There are certain foods that are perfect for controlling anxiety. But to have them at hand, it is essential to eliminate the harmful ones from the shopping cart and opt for others, so, when you want to eat and open the kitchen cupboard, you will only find satiating, healthy and beneficial food for the body. What do we need to remove from the shopping list to get this? There are the foods that You should NOT have at home.

Frozen pizzas: the already made pizzas contain countless insane ingredients, preservatives and are full of empty calories.

Chips: Potatoes are the most nutritious food. However, depending on how the kitchens can be more or less healthy and definitely, the bag fries are not.

-The juices of packaged fruits: fruit juices are not healthy, contain large amounts of sugar and are classified as ultraprocessed.

Refreshments: Soft drinks are not healthy, even if they are labeled 'light' or low in sugars.

Deep-frozen: chicken nuggets, san jacobos … phytos in general are full of empty calories and few nutrients.

-Food precooked: lasagna, macaroni, rice … all this pre-cooked food falls into the category of ultraprocessed foods, so you better do it at home.

Sweet: pastries, ultra-processed cookies, the best thing you can do is not eat them, but if you do, make them homemade.

Snacks: pecking is where we sin the most. Peaks, fried nuts with sauces … do us no favor.

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