Foods you should eat if you are a vegan athlete

Being vegan is totally compatible with practicing sport with maximum performance. Vegan and vegetarian diets are suitable for all stages of life. They are also valid for athletes and athletes. In this article we tell you what foods you should eat if you are a vegan athlete.

The vegan diet will provide all the specific nutrients you need if you choose the right foods and plan the menus well. The diet of the vegetarian athlete must be well planned to avoid nutritional deficiencies, improve their performance and prevent injuries.

Diet in a vegan athlete

A vegan diet is not incompatible with sports, although it does require a greater approach to the nutrients we eat.

A vegan person may have ideological or health motivations, or simply choose this option because it is the type of food that he likes the most. But their menus can be as balanced as those of an omnivorous person. And of course, it is not incompatible with practicing a sport, and even with being a professional athlete.

A vegan diet for athletes should take into account the needs of an athlete. And, for example, take special care to substitute proteins, so present in foods of animal origin.

Carbohydrates in a vegan athlete


Legumes are an important source of vegetable protein, so the diet of the athlete must contain them.