Foods you should eat even if they are 100% fat

When you read the calories who has an avocado you start sighing. One of medium size gathers around 322 calories. But don't be alarmed: they are all healthy fats and nutrients.

Although there are certain foods that contain a large percentage of fat, not all are equal. We tell you what you should not forget to get 20-35% of recommended energy per day.

There they go.


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Yes, to extra virgin olive oil (although only of this type, which we see you coming) and yes to olives like snack, (here go the best pecks -and healthier-) much healthier than french fries or kikos. It seems that avocados and olives are beautiful cousins: their nutritional values ​​are very similar. Both contain 70% monounsaturated fats and of these 99% is oleic acid. The best of all? The variety of olives and oils We have in Spain.

In addition, oleic acid lowers cardiovascular risk, LDL cholesterol.



It is one of the fish that fattens the most, but does not panic: polyunsaturated fats are present in nuts, but also in fish, specifically in salmon. High on Omega-3 fatty acids, reduces triglycerides and is not one of the highest in saturated fats.



Nuts are the perfect option to snack between meals. They are a food that provides a lot of energy and although it has fat in its composition, its fatty acids are of the essential calls since the human body synthesizes them by itself.


We are afraid of them because of the word 'cholesterol', but you should not restrict their consumption: moreover, a completely healthy person can eat five to six eggs per week without problem. The egg contains vitamin A, D, K, antioxidants and minerals beneficial to the body.


Pumpkin Pipes

They are undervalued but we should take them into account when providing the sensation 'crunchy', 'crunchy' in salads or even as a snack between meals. This dried fruit is rich in polyunsaturated fats, which contain 22% per 100 grams.

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