Foods with which you can test positive for a drug test

You are in the airport queue waiting to go the Maldives (you have to dream big). It's your turn, by pure chance, to pass the drug control and you do not worry the least because the substance the strongest you have consumed in your life is a aspirin. Suddenly, your world wobbles when it comes out positive. Does it sound surreal? No more than the history of Elizabeth Domínguez, a pregnant woman who tested positive during a drug test performed by a hospital Niagara Falls before starting, according to 'New York Post'.

He had not tried to endanger the health of your baby, but it was a false positive because of a muffin that contained poppy seeds. And they are not the only ingredient that could give you a scare in a toxicology test. The next time they stop you in a traffic control, that you go to the doctor to do some tests or that you are going to do a very formal job interview. do without these foods, that could give you a scare.


The durian is known as the most stinky fruit in the world. If you have ever walked through a market of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore you will have noticed a terrible smell of excrement or dead animal, coming from this king of asian fruits that, perhaps for our noses of tourists, does not sound very appetizing. Its smell already warns us of something, although, for those who have tried it, little has to do with its vanilla flavor. It does not leave anyone indifferent.

Last month, police arrested a man in the province of Jiangsu because they thought I was driving drunk. He tested positive, but assured that he had not drunk anything, but had eaten this fruit. One of the agents decided to take the test and, indeed, after having eaten Fruit, also tested positive in the control of Breathalyzer. Although three minutes later, when he repeated the test, it was already normal.

Breads and cakes

Okay, there is little chance that you will eat a durian and have to make yourself a drug test or pass a control BreathalyzerHowever, it is more normal for you to eat bread or cakes. The majority of these Baked goods They are made with yeast, which ferments in the dough and produces a small amount of alcohol. It's not enough to get drunk, of course, but if there is any residue in your teeth yes that could be enough to make it positive, like the driver from Jiangsu province that we mentioned before.

Last month a bread with poppy seeds caused a false positive in a pregnant woman

Vanilla extract, which is frequently used in baked desserts, could also be another key. It contains at least one 35% alcohol. Although do not worry, the effects last only about 15 minutes before it dissipates the residual alcohol, and water can accelerate the process. In any case, it would probably be swell up to cakes to be able to test positive

Geneva with tonic

Nothing like a good gin tonic On a hot day, if we are on a better beach. It is made with small amounts of quinine, which is known to appear in other drugs such as cocaine and heroin. It all started in 1817, when French scientists Pierre Joseph Petellier and Joseph Bienaimé Caventou produced quinine in the form of pills for distribution in the European colonies in Africa and Asia, where malaria caused great damage. Its flavor was so bitter that British officers intended in india they began to dissolve them in water, adding lime juice, sugar and grin. The precursor of gin and tonic.

Neither need worry much, because most of the tonics that are in the market have replaced today quinine for other sweeteners. However, it never hurts to know. The tonic Maybe tilt the balance a bit in that possible positive result.

Hemp seeds

They are rich in protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins, they hardly have sugars or saturated fats… Come on, a bargain. However, products based on Hemp seeds (oil, milk …) may contain traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main constituent psychoactive cannabis. If you consume foods based on this substance regularly, the THC it can accumulate in the fatty areas of your body, and the drug tests They could also distinguish it.

THC can remain in your body for approximately 45 days, so again it's better prevent that cure and avoid these foods for at least a month before any scheduled exam. In addition, some medications or vitamin supplements may also trigger a false positive in some tests, like some Dietary supplements (especially sports enhancers, often associated with doping).