Foods that will put you in a good mood and save you from Blue Monday

Blue monday. Yes, that day we wait with fear. The saddest day of the year. Are you sad and you don't know why? Don't blame today horoscope, your humor has more to do with the algorithm that states that there is a Monday a year that you will be hopelessly sadder. Although there are some tips to make this day a happier one, the feeding is also key so that this Monday does not become an absolute debacle.

What is the belief that today is the saddest day of the year? Although the study is suspicious, it would be for five reasons very typical of these dates:

-Debts for buying too much at Christmas.

-The polar cold (especially in Spain with the temporary Gloria).

-That there are still more than 10 left to collect the month of January.

-May be Monday, one of the most difficult days of the week.

-That New Year's resolutions are not going as you expected …

What foods do you get from good humor? Those that are high in tryptophan and serotonin. Nuts, cereals … What should you incorporate in your diet to survive the Blue monday?

Whole grains

They are one of the most beneficial foods when it comes to raising your mood. Its high content in B1 causes the brain to release serotonin which increases your feeling of well-being.


One way to increase the presence of vitamin D and therefore, increase the body's ability to stabilize mood, is the consumption of cow's milk.


Nuts are essential for anxiety, but they also improve your mood. Nines, for example, are listed as a food that helps with depression and stabilizes good mood.


Salmon is a fish with high levels of Omega-3, which helps to better manage stressful situations, anger and hostility.


It is one of the richest fruits in vitamin B6 that interferes with the transformation of the protein into serotonin, in addition to containing folic acid, vitamin C and fiber.

Pumpkin Pipes

It is another dried fruit that helps balance the mood due to its high zinc content, which helps maintain a proper balance in the activity of the body.

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