Foods that seem low in sugar but actually aren't (and you should never put in your purse)

If in the supermarket we played "it seems healthy but it is not" we would drop more than one tear, of that we are sure. And if we were to think about the amount of sugar we eat in foods that, a priori are 'light' or seem healthy, we would directly start crying. And, there are many foods that can play you on 23/14 (pun intended) when we talk about their nutritional properties.

Packaged juices, industrial pastries, chocolate flavored with Coca-Cola (yes, it exists) … in theory we know what foods we should banish from our diet, however, there are ultra-processed foods that are not healthy and that we incorporate into our diet in a way -almost – unconscious and even, with the feeling that they are healthier without stopping to read not only the calories (which are not a good indicator), but the nutritional values ​​of the food.


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With what foods should we be especially careful?

-The sliced ​​bread: it does not matter that it is whole grain, that it has all the seeds in the world and that it has 99 calories, the most important thing is the ingredients. If it's made from refined flours, bad. There are very few breads with these healthy characteristics, it is best not to consume it, but if you have no choice, the best option is that it has a high percentage of spelled or rye flour and that the percentage of sugar is the lowest if You compare it with the other alternatives in the supermarket.

-The vegetable milks: you may think that you are doing your body a favor by choosing vegetable milk, however you should be careful. The most common store-bought almond, coconut, or oat milks have extra added sugars, so they're not a healthy option at all.

-The flavored water: it may seem that it is a healthy alternative to soft drinks, but you have to take into account the amount of sugar they contain. Many times they have even more than a traditional soda. The same happens with flavored yogurts, which, although they have 0% fat, contain sugars. It is best to buy natural yogurt and sweeten it with fruit.

-The tomato sauce: it is one of the great victims when we talk about amounts of sugar since a can can contain more than 5 grams. The healthiest option is to make your own sauce, with natural crushed tromate and different seasonings.

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