Foods that refresh and increase vitality in summer

In summer, you want to eat less and you are looking for foods rich in water that quickly refresh the body. It seems a paradox if we compare with the modus operandi of our ancestors who saw in the summer a time of perfect abundance to collect, store food and store them, also to eat more and thus have reserves for times of greater scarcity. In these times, we do not need to do that collection and we are more governed by the feeling of heaviness that extreme heat can bring, tends to eat less and refreshing foods that combat the lethargy and fatigue brought by high temperatures. Take note of these 5 refreshing foods that will help you hydrate the body and regain vitality this summer.


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It is diuretic and depurative, It helps eliminate toxins and is rich in vitamins and minerals, something that is essential in summer since we lose water and minerals through sweat. It contains folic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin C and magnesium, in addition to plant sterols that help reduce cholesterol levels.

You can include this ingredient in your diet in many recipes like the gazpacho, green juices, dips with yogurt, infused water … It refreshes immediately and is very healthy for the body.



It is composed of more than 80% water, is moisturizing, helps replenish liquids and is also sweet and delicious without being almost caloric. Perfect to include in slimming diets and avoid anxiety about sweet foods that are not recommended. It is diuretic, helps to prevent fluid retention, rich in potassium, and in vitamin A, C and folic acid. A refreshing and very moisturizing fruit that should not be missing from your diet this summer.



It is rich in minerals such as potassium and phosphorus and is an energizing food that fights fatigue and strengthens the nails and hair. You can take it raw in the form of crudités, alone or to accompany recipes such as hummus or guacamole, and also you can take all its nutrients in energy juices by combining the carrot with ingredients such as ginger and apple.

In addition to refreshing and invigorating, the carrot is also going to Help maintain and prolong a beautiful tan by protecting the skin from the inside thanks to its beta-carotene that the body transforms into vitamin A or retinol.



Watermelon is the queen of summer, it is practically water, it has a 95% water percentage, nothing more and nothing less. Is rich in vitamins and minerals, and is one of the most refreshing and moisturizing fruits that exist. It has fiber, antioxidants (lycopene), is low in calories … a real gem of fruit! If you want to hydrate to the fullest by adding many benefits for your health you should already be a watermelon lover.



Like watermelon, it contains lycopene, responsible for its red color. Lycopene is an excellent antioxidant that fights cell damage caused by free radicals, causing premature aging. It is heart-healthy, it protects the eyes, it is rich in water and nutrients such as folic acid, vitamins A, C and K, iron and potassium.

The tomato is the main ingredient of one of the most nutritious and refreshing dishes of the summer: the gazpacho, a traditional recipe and anti-aging where there. You can also include tomatoes in salads and juices.

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