Foods that can not be missing in your pantry if you have already turned 50 because they take care of your health and help you not to gain weight

Those in their 50s they already know what awaits them: the decrease in hormones and its consequences, night hot flashes… Menopause will make its appearance sooner or later as soon as we gather enough candles on our birthday cake and nutrition can do a lot to alleviate your symptoms. But are we clear on what a woman needs to eat during this period of her life? We tell you what nutrients are essential and what foods you should not give upso that 50 is just a figure.

Menopause Foods: Find the Best Quality Macronutrients

Do a restrictive diet during this time of life it is not the best of ideas. these types of diets tend to cause hormonal imbalances, exactly what interests you least at this time. What is a good idea is to learn to choose wisely the carbohydrates, fats and proteins that you put into your mouth, and here the only maxim is that they be of the best quality.

Quality is not defined by the price of a product, do not complicate your life looking for berries that only grow in the Himalayas or exotic fruits. The quality to which we refer is the one that concerns the composition of the food you consume And yes, for the first time in your life you have to pay attention to dietary recommendations.


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Carbohydrates must be complex, that is, you must eat foods in which carbohydrates are associated with fiber as is the case with whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. These types of carbohydrates help to combat hormonal swings: fiber captures the hormones that "excess" in the intestine and ensures that we expel them from the body before they return to the bloodstream and destabilize the hormonal balance.

You should also increase your consumption of healthy protein, because one of the effects of menopause is that it decreases muscle mass and the less muscle mass you have, the more problems with slowed metabolism you will suffer what can make you gain weight in the short term (and make it even more difficult to shed those extra kilos). The proteins that interest you most are found in fish, eggs and lean meats, such as turkey, rabbit or chicken, and the proteins of plant origin that you find in soybeans and their derivatives and legumes.

If you choose oily fish or walnuts among your protein food choices, you will kill two birds with one stone because both foods are rich in omega 3 fatty acid, just the one you need most at this moment to keep your fluctuating emotions at bay during all this transit. And for cooking, you have it easy: olive oil, always, and if it is extra virgin even better.


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Menopause Foods: Some Interesting Supplements

Although studies are not decisive, some foods suggest that they can provide extra benefits for women during menopause. This is the case, for example, of ground flaxseeds, which provide phytoestrogens (such as soy) that reduce hot flashes; Maca powder, which acts on the nervous system helping to regulate emotional ups and downs and increases libido, or ground flax seeds that also fight the most common symptoms of menopause. Add a tablespoon of these products at breakfast from time to time it can be the plus you need to better deal with the situation.

Other essential foods are more common in our shopping cart, such as green leafy vegetables (spinach, watercress, kale …) that help the skin not to lose firmness; broccoli, which promotes hormonal balance, or peas, which provide high-quality protein and phytoestrogens, all in one.

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