Foods that can help you recover from a breakup, according to science

It was to see the hashtag of #feedingabrokenheart on Instagram and automatically attract attention. A label, which in Spanish means "foods that heal a broken heart", which prompted Lindsay Mostrom, culinary influencer and creator of a well-known recipe blog. His goal was to help people who were going through a break to improve your mood through food. And although the initiative already has a time, the topic seems most interesting.

Especially since it has a scientific basis. There are foods that, due to their composition, have the ability to make us feel better in moments difficult. And we don't talk only of those that contain tryptophan, but of dishes with curious characteristics capable of making us forget (at least for a moment) the situation we are living.

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Foods to recover from a break

1. Chocolate

If it can be with a high percentage of cocoa, the better. Not only because it is healthier, but also because it gives us more benefits. Cocoa is one of the most potent antioxidants that exist thanks to the high amount of flavonols it contains. But in addition, a study carried out in 2006 by the University of Würzburg (Germany), showed that chocolate is able to improve mood. This was verified by the researchers after testing with different participants.

2. Dairy products such as cheese or milk

These foods they contain tryptophan, an amino acid that is involved in the production of serotonin in our body. And this is interesting, since serotonin not only helps us to better sleep, it also improves our mood and behavior. According to studies, it is a neurotransmitter related to positive feelings. And even it has been shown that maintaining high levels promotes a longer life.

Other foods that also favor serotonin production are eggs, pineapple, chicken, tofu or nuts.

3. Probiotic foods

Did you know that foods rich in probiotics have the ability to reduce anxiety? Studies have linked intestinal flora with mood. And to keep it in good condition, probiotics are essential. Fermented foods such as kimchi, kefir or yogurt can be of great help.

4. Mediterranean diet against depression

Last year, a study by the University College London revealed that the Mediterranean diet, due to the richness of its nutrients, could help prevent depression. On the other hand, ultraprocessed food can have the opposite effect: promoting a sad and delicate mood. Therefore, contrary to what we believe, junk food is not able to make us feel better in times of downturn. It is preferable to opt for a healthier diet that includes foods such as fruit, fish, vegetables and nuts.

5. The dishes of your childhood

There is nothing like homemade food to improve mood. And it doesn't have to be precisely 100% healthy: in fact, the one with a high amount of sugar or carbohydrates is precisely the one that makes us happier. It is what is called comfort food: food that we relate to a happy moment, often from our childhood, that makes us feel nostalgic. But beware, it does not refer to ultraprocessed foods, but to homemade food. Whether they are macaroni with tomato and cheese or a cake like our grandmother's. This was explained in a study published in the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food. This type of food is able to positively influence our emotions.

That is why, in difficult times, it does not hurt to take a small whim.

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