Food trends for 2020: the & # 039; superfoods & # 039; that are already in fashion

The foodie world is like fashion: it is in constant motion, always looking for new products to introduce in our day to day. This is what happens with the feeding trends for 2020: they are loaded with products that we had not paid much attention to until now, but they certainly deserve it. From curious meat substitutes, through fermented products from other gastronomies, to products with CBD (cannabis) that you never thought to consume.

These predictions of the superfoods that will mark the year are based on the latest report of the company Whole Foods Market, an American giant of eco products. But also in the healthy products that are most commented on social networks and those that emerged in 2019 and that have arrived to stay.

Food trends for 2020

Fermented foods

Only a few months ago we discovered Kimchi, the star of Korean cuisine that is just cabbage (mainly), fermented with a mixture of ingredients that give it a reddish hue and a spicy flavor. But beware The simplicity of the dish does not mean that it has excellent properties. Among them, vitamins, fiber and, above all, the probiotics it gives us. No wonder they eat it in Korea almost daily for many years. It has even been added to Unesco's list as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

But the kimchi is not the only fermented food that we are going to encounter this 2020: kefir, yogurt, pickles, kombucha or miso are also part of the list.

Vegan or vegetarian diet

This was announced by the Whole Foods Market report and we could verify this at the last ceremony of the Golden Globes, where it was first offered a totally vegan menu. A trend whose explanation lies in a greater awareness of the climate crisis and an ethical sense towards animals. That is why it seems that vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets are gaining more and more followers every day.

Fruits and vegetables are clear in this category. But innovation here are meat substitutes: products like the heura or that meat made of air that just developed promises to emerge this 2020 as trends.

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Maca, the root that does not go out of style

Maca is part of the extensive list of Peruvian superfoods They contain high quality nutritional properties. It is, along with quinoa, one of the best known products of the Andean country. This herbaceous plant is a source of minerals, but it also provides carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Highlights include those of group B, vitamin C, which helps keep cholesterol at bay; and vitamin E, which protects the skin.

The most common way to consume it is powdered or cooked (it can not be taken raw), that's why healthy smoothies made with it have become fashionable.

Products with CBD

They really rose to fame last year, but 2020 suggests that it will be the year in which they are consolidated as a gastro trend, since there are countries in which they are already being introduced normally, such as Italy. Buy cookies, jams, milkshakes, oils and even seeds from cannabidiol It will progressively normalize.

Alcohol substitutes

Again, the report of the famous supermarket points to this trend: cocktails yes but no alcohol. Or in other words: that mocktails are welcome, which is how these drinks are known for abstemious that mimic the taste of the alcoholic beverage. More and more bars and restaurants are betting on them in their menus, even those that substitute traditional ingredients such as syrup or the sugar they usually carry, for healthier alternatives. In fact, kombucha mocktails are a growing trend.

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