Food that you never (ever) should put in the fridge

You are entering a nutritional whirlpool that-almost-you can not believe. The 'realfooder' fever with its corresponding edamames has come to your life, your kitchen and your pantry. You look at the ingredients of the labels, you have abandoned (not without effort) the ultraprocessed ones and your firgorífico is full of fruits and vegetables of a thousand colors, with the objective that Carlos Ríos, feel proud of you.

So far so good, your journey through the 'healthy life' is going well, but … Have you ever wondered What foods should you not put in the fridge? From the creators of "it is not the same to eat a piece of whole fruit as a smoothie with this same fruit because the properties are different" it arrives: "if you put certain foods in the fridge they can lose flavor, properties and nutrients".

No, we are not exaggerating. And yes, you need to keep reading. What have you been doing wrong all this time? It ended up putting everything in the refrigerator without rhyme or reason.



If you are one of ours, surely you will agree with this phrase: chocolate is one of the wonders of the universe. And always cold, never at room temperature. That's why, we keep it in the fridge. Well, if you have done it (like us) you have been committing an outrage all this time. The chocolate can not be put in the refrigerator, since the low temperatures make it lose its flavor and a white layer appears on it. The best thing you can do is put the chocolate in a cupboard at a stormy temperature, but of course, it will not be hard and cold.



If you think about it, I am sure that your grandmother kept the garlic and onions in a small plastic cart that used to be a fruit bowl and where, also, the vegetables were kept. Never again, you would find a garlic in the fridge. However, now we keep them there and the truth is that they lose properties and get hard with the cold. So free them from the polar cold and put them at room temperature. Your palate will appreciate it.



Eggs should not change abruptly because they lose their properties. If you have taken them from a shelf in the supermarket, do not put them in the refrigerator when you get home.

Serrano ham


When we open a package of Serrano ham, the first thing we do is store it in the fridge so that it does not get spoiled. Mal. The best thing is to keep it at room temperature, what's more, the properties of the product are optimally preserved if it is at a temperature between 17 and 23 degrees so … the ham out of the fridge. ALREADY.



Without a doubt, it is a myth. When we store the bread in the fridge, it does not last longer, it loses properties and it gets hard. If you want to always have fresh bread, cut the slices that you are not going to eat and put them in the freezer. You will only have to defrost them when you want fresh bread.



Surely this information you did not know, but the starch of the potatoes with the cold, becomes sugar, so they acquire a sandy and sweet texture. If you do not want this to happen to you, keep them in the closet, away from sunlight.



If you are one of those foolish people (we raise our hands) who keep the bananas in the fridge, we have some news to give you: do not do it. If you think about it, the banana is a tropical fruit, which is why it is used to growing in a hot climate. Why do we put them in the cold then? The best thing you can do is to keep them at room temperature so that they mature with noramlidad and do not lose any property.


Cheeses like mozzarella or fresh cheese are the only ones that you should keep in the fridge. The cheeses, how much more cured, less cold need as they lose flavor and crack.



Neither the watermelon nor the melon should ever be in the fridge. They lose properties, flavor and texture when stored in the refrigerator. Simply cover them with a transparent film and store them at room temperature.



Tomatoes, if stored in the refrigerator, lose their flavor and their properties, frost inside, change texture and eliminate their natural maturation process. Moral? Never ever put them in the fridge.

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