Food swaps or how to recreate your favorite dishes in version & # 039; healthy & # 039;

Why say goodbye forever to dishes like pizza, pasta or desserts if they make us so happy? All of them can fit into a healthy diet if we propose. Of course, we must exchange some ingredients for healthier alternatives. And this simple gesture is called food swaps, a term that has become a trend for Pinterest, where their searches have increased by 125%, according to a platform report.

Continue cooking your favorite recipes, but in a less caloric and healthier version, it is possible if you know how to substitute ingredients such as butter, refined flours, sugar or certain oils. And here we explain exactly how you can do it so you can prepare recipes as typical as brownies, homemade bread, chocolate custard, and even nuggets!

How to replace refined flours

We already anticipate that the classic wheat flour is not the only one that exists and much less turns out to be a good alternative if we compare it with others, since it does not provide us with too many quality nutrients. How can you substitute it in recipes such as breads, pasta or pastries? In this list you can meet some of the healthiest flours, but here we leave you the most popular When making food swap according to user searches and expert advice:

Wholemeal flours: they will always contain a greater amount of fiber and vitamins than the refined ones. They are used to make bread or biscuits. But also in other dishes for the batter.

Coconut flour: It does not contain gluten, is low in carbohydrates and provides fiber. It is used in pastry recipes such as pancakes or crepes. If you mix it with an egg, you can get an effect similar to wheat flour.

Nut flour: gluten free and high in both protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

How to replace white sugar with healthier ingredients

The eternal question we ask ourselves, especially when it comes to preparing desserts whose original flavor is sweet. The good? There is no reason to give up sweetness if we find the right food swap: there are natural ingredients that give it this flavor. Among them:

– Apple puree

– Banana

– Pumpkin

– Dates

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How to replace eggs in recipes

Eye, it is not that eggs are not healthy, vice versa: they have proteins of animal origin and a high content of vitamin B12. But if you have cholesterol problems or Well you are looking for a vegan recipe, you can substitute eggs for other healthy ingredients which also fulfill a unifying function.

– Chia seeds hydrated in water or vegetable drink.

– Flax flour

– Compact Tofu

– Banana

– Apple puree

How to make a food swap with butter

Butter is a saturated fat that we should not abuse. In fact, just take a teaspoon a day. Therefore, if you are looking to replace it, it is advisable to do it with other ingredients that provide that softness that we seek to achieve with butter, but that are richer in nutrition. Some ideas are:

– Avocado

– Extra virgin olive oil

– Fresh cheese

– Greek yogurt

– Coconut oil

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