Follow these tips to exercise your mental strength

The power of our mind is amazing. When we are mentally strong, we can do almost everything. Although it is true that there are many things that are beyond our control, it is equally true that most failures begin within us, when we give up just before reaching the goal or feel that we do not serve what we want.

Therefore, training our mind to be strong is very important. Of course it is not an easy process or that it is given from one moment to another, but these tips can help you achieve it.

1. Focus on what you can control

We already said that we cannot control everything, and that is a reality. However, many times we fail because we put too much energy on what we cannot control and too little on what we can.

It is not always easy to distinguish about what we have control and what we don't have, but doing the exercise of asking it is essential. And when things can't be controlled, even if it hurts, we have to let them go. We can only take control of our own actions, and that is where we have to focus if we want to go far.

2. Live the present

This has to do with the above. Sometimes we spend too much time longing for the past or worrying about the future, when all we can control is the here and now.

Therefore, practicing Mindfulness is a good way to train your mind. It is the art of paying attention to the present moment. There, in your actions today, right now, is where your life is at stake. If you manage to train your mind to concentrate on it, you will have half the game won.

3. Power your creativity

The mind is not only for analytical thinking. Leaving space for creativity is as important as studying or improving in any other activity. Why? Because creativity connects you with other parts of the brain, and with emotions. In addition, it helps to gain greater mental flexibility and originality and, ultimately, also to better solve problems.

4. Persevere

Think of people who have incredible muscle mass and are able to lift large amounts of weight. Do you think they have achieved it overnight? Surely you are aware that this was the fruit of a lot of time of constant training, and that they have achieved it thanks to an enormous constancy.

Well, with the mind it is the same, but as it is not seen, we do not realize. If you want to feel safe doing something, you will have nothing left but to practice, follow, fail, try again, and so on and on.

5. Keep the mind positive

When things get tough, a good exercise is to think positive. And this does not mean denying the problems, but trying to see the virtues even in the most complicated situations.

When you feel that everything is going wrong, instead of throwing in the towel, go back to point one and think: what of all this can I control? From there, think positive: "I will do such a thing to change this small portion of the problem that is under my control." You will see that you feel much stronger.

6. Act

If you still do not feel strong enough to do certain things, if you do not dare to something or think you are not prepared, here is a beautiful secret: you can always act as if you were ready.

Reality shows that most people who believe they are not ready to do something, in reality what they have is fear. And how do you face fear? Well, this is an option: say to yourself "this is not real, I'm just acting as if it were".

7. Choose the people around you very well

Beyond all these tips, there is one thing that is true: no one can alone. If you want to be mentally strong, you should not only follow these tips, but also surround yourself with the right people.

Seek to participate in spaces that motivate you and make the best of you. Find places and people that challenge you, that empower you, that invite you to be better and better. Get out of the comfort to find the personal development spaces you deserve. You will discover that this is much easier.

And you, what do you think you should practice more? Do you have other tips to add? Tell us in the comments!


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