Follow these steps to give an unforgettable relaxing massage

Maybe to relax in day to day just sit in front of the TV and forget everything for a moment. But if we really want to relax our body, a relaxing massage is exactly what can relieve the tension of the pressures that affect us. Also, it can be a way to get close to the person you love.

Your looking to create an unforgettable moment and do it perfectly, keep these points in mind before practicing your massage.

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The environment is fundamental

Asking the person who will receive the massage to lie down on the couch or bed, where he always does it, will not help. If you can not get a table for massages, at least it transforms the place. Fill it with aromatic oils, candles, soft lights and relaxing music. See that peace reigns completely.

Less is more

Areas that will not be massaged should be covered, but the rest of the body may be bare. This will make the work much simpler and more comfortable. Use towels to cover areas that will not work and remember to have on hand oils and creams to soften, nourish the skin and help the person relax completely. Try that the smells are mixed forming a pleasant smell. Peppermint, lemon or lavender are some of the oils that best smell off.

Body areas

If you have time, it is best to work your entire body, from the head to the soles of your feet, but if things can not be like that, it is best to start where there is more tension. That place is usually on the shoulders, upper back and neck.

After putting the oil, apply pressure gently and perform circular movements with your hands-in the form of fists-to work the most tense areas and release the pressure. Remember to work at a pace that does not tire you right away, as that may prevent you from finishing the massage and leaving both of you dissatisfied.

Then, open your hands and knead your back to really give a relaxing and pleasant massage all over your body.

Do not forget your head

The head is one of the areas of greatest stimulation, so doing a massage there is really appreciated. Use your fingers to stimulate the scalp, reach the nape of the neck and move towards the ears.

Remember that your massage should have a sequence and rhythm. Start from top to bottom, spend a few minutes in each area of ​​the body and do not just stay in one area in particular. In the end, it ends with the fan technique, which consists of separating the fingers of the hand as much as possible and moving upwards from the middle back to the neck.

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Additional features

Remember to talk as little as possible or do it in a slow, warm voice. After all, the goal is to help the other person relax, but not to fall asleep. Music and the environment should help you make that possible. Finally, when finished, try to have something else. A glass of wine accompanied by a talk can be the cherry on the cake for a perfect night.

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