FlyLady method, the ritual to clean and tidy up your home in just 15 minutes

Cleaning the house is a bummer, we agree, but we all have internalized that our house should be clean. But of course, we do nothing with having it all like the jets of gold if we neglect the order, because a messy house gives a feeling of abandonment and, yes, dirt too (even if it isn’t). That is why we pay a lot of attention to the different forms of storage and the Marie Kondo method and others that we have come to know over time, such as Oosouji. But of course, if you don’t have time (or you think you don’t have it), you end up leaving it as impossible. That is why there is a guru of order who is about to unseat the Japanese. Is about Marla cilley and your routine has a name: Flylady.

The FlyLady method is a project based on routines to keep everything in order without having to spend too much time on housework. And it is that, according to a survey carried out by the American Cleaning Institute, a person can dedicate up to six hours to order each corner of their home, since we strive to do everything in a single day.

The FlyLady method has four specific commandments:

1. Keep the sink clean.

It is not necessary that you do a thorough cleaning every day but it is essential that you maintain it clean, empty and dry. For Cilley, the sink is the area of ​​the house that gives the most a feeling of dirt and the part that can give us the most laziness. But if you follow the rule of always keeping it clean and, above all, no gadgets, you will see how the overall feel of your home will change.

2. Always put your shoes on.

Yes, this rule is very curious. According to the North American, the best is get dressed and put on your shoes nothing else to get up, nothing to go with the slippers to walk around the house. And because? Because that way you will feel prepared to do things from the first moment. It’s something more mental. According to this guru of order, people feel and act differently when fully clothed, even if they do not leave the house, in order to avoid excuses to stop doing some housework.

3. Spend only 15 minutes a day ordering a stay.

How do you hear it, only 15 minutes and only one stay. Also, Cilley encourages you to do it with chronometer so you stop picking up when the alarm goes off. In this way you will see everything you are capable of doing in such a short space of time. According to the American, “our houses have not gotten dirty in a single day. Therefore, we cannot make them clean and tidy in one day”. By betting only on one room, you avoid wandering from one space to another, which makes you waste time and get distracted by other things. But be realistic, if you have a huge kitchen you are not going to clean it whole, divide it by zones and “attacks” one each day.

4. Establish routines.

This method proposes you to divide your day into three stripes: morning routines, afternoon routines and night routines. This is a key point within the FlyLady method, since converting an action to routine, it will make you do it without thinking. But of course, for that you have to repeat the same thing many times and at the same time of day: make the bed as soon as you get up, wash the breakfast pots as soon as you finish …

In addition, the North American gives us some basic recommendations for those who want to start in his method:

– Make the bed every morning: It is basic so that your room does not look like a den.

– Identify the most problematic spots in the house and spend two minutes a day putting them in order: the dining room table, the chair in the room full of clothes, the hall cabinet …

– Take a garbage bag and throw away 27 junk you don’t use: They may seem like a lot to you, but if you put it into practice, you will surely end up with more than 27.

– Clean the bathroom (superficially) every morning: remove the remains of toothpaste from the sink, the hairs, place the towels …

– Create a weekly plan to keep an organized control: On Mondays I pick up the furniture in the living room, on Tuesdays the bedroom, on Wednesdays the countertop … 15 minutes with each item, don’t forget it.

– Establish a nighttime routine: Before going to sleep, spend 10 minutes picking up the messy things. This is how you prepare your home for the next day.

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