Flip your world: the best postures for self-confidence

Have you ever experienced feelings of insecurity that sabotage your personal goals and achievements? The feelings of insecurity are usually those that take us out of our most optimal levels about ourselves. When we feel insecure when it comes to communicating or feel vulnerable to losing something that we have not yet gone looking for, it is a ghost alert that can be a direct personal sabotage to our greatest successes and blessings in life.

Although many times there are people or situations that warn you that this is not the conduit to take. You must acquire the courage or the solution to overcome what you know you can achieve.

If you have ever failed in something your intelligence shows you what your mistake was so that it is moderate and this time you can do better. But not to condemn you or stop doing things because you have ever failed.

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The various feelings of vulnerability and insecurity in the face of life can be caused by toxic environments that reinforce negative aspects that often do not exist in us or simply that we have not known how to see to transform them into how we would like to be to mold that internal blockage that is in us. dominating from a blind spot.

Many of the times in which we allow fear and insecurity to dominate us and take us out of what we want to demonstrate or achieve is to think before acting that there is no point in trying. This posture is a completely defeated posture that takes us away from our inner God and that we can achieve everything positively.

Declaring that we are down on something or condemning ourselves as being bad at something and it is impossible to get out of there are simply mental blocks that we must learn to master. Yoga is a key tool to eliminate these limited concepts of ourselves.

One of the things that helps us develop inner confidence and self-confidence are yoga poses specific that give us authority and firmness in our thoughts and in our attitudes.

The most frequent yoga postures to develop this type of personal virtues and dharmas are:

Flip your world with Urdhva Dhanurasana La Rueda

Wheel pose is great for starting to see the world upside down and change your perspective on things. You will see that by doing your part to do this posture you will have multiple possibilities open to find that not everything was black and white.

The posture of the wheel is very powerful because it works the force in the arms that is the support within the earth and makes the heart open to heaven. This posture is an excellent natural programming for our best advances and achievements in any space of time and environment. Well, it gives us the high capacity to look at the approaches from different sides and angles. This is very versatile because it gives us the most accurate solutions to get closer to getting to what we are waiting for so much or better yet to provide others with the help and knowledge that they are requiring to achieve their personal advances.

This pose also fights symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Stimulates the heart and nervous system providing mental clarity to those who practice this personal practice. The wheel has been a fairly complete position to generate strength and well-being.

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This posture called the camel fortifies and makes the sacral nerves more flexible. It is made especially for those people who spend a lot of time in a hunched posture working in front of the computer as it serves as a counter posture to provide the back rest it needs.

This generates feelings of well-being automatically and serves as and is often effective in unlocking the Anahata or opening the heart. And it also moves the point of the throat or Vishuddha to give ease of communication and liberation through the word of the one who exercises this practical posture.

The warrior I

This posture gives us stability and strengthens us at the foundations of our body. This posture conveys strength, focus, openness, and provides agility. It is a posture that gives you control and self-control. And it guides you through the hip opening and the support at the foot sockets.

The warrior pose greatly strengthens those who practice yoga constantly and those who are initiatory in the practice shows them a deeper perspective of themselves and their environment.

Once you exercise this practice, will and courage become part of your daily achievements and when you start to achieve small things you will begin to achieve great things. So don't hesitate to incorporate into your practice now.

Warrior pose (Source: Yogateca)

The warrior II

The variation two warrior is an even more complete pose because it also directs you to the opening of the heart and leads you to look at the sky. It is a position that allows you to generate self-confidence and devotion for what you do because it directly transmits dedication and capacity at the top of things. To the heavens specifically.

This posture tones the abdominal organs also called the area of ​​the will or solar plexus. It is a very beautiful posture capable of correcting deformations in the knees and it has become one of the most beneficial postures to perform a deep breath that tones our lungs and internal organs.

The Warrior III

This posture is intense and directly works the firmness in our bases, it is a complex posture to carry out but very direct that allows us to perfect the capacity of our approach and objectives. It gives us balance and equilibrium in everything we do and directs us towards tolerance and firmness of things.

This posture does not allow any wind to knock us down. Once we practice it, we can demonstrate the development of our thinking and the freedom to set appropriate limits and maintain our authority without going over anyone. It is a posture of great personal balance and mental development. It gives us temperance and harmony in our

Pointed Toe Chair Pose

This posture helps us maintain a strengthening in the standing area. When we work this posture we can achieve strengthening the base of the back, buttocks and hips. This beautiful posture gives us the possibility of carrying the oxygen that enters through our nostrils to the deepest recesses of our internal organs. This action intensely nourishes us, creating vigor in our physical activities and neuronal functioning.

Any posture that strengthens your abdominal cavity will lead you to be a new person full of high capacity and with a liberating attitude of everything that wants to neutralize or impede your personal advances. It is a great opportunity to begin to Redirect your vision and create new routines that will help you to have a better relationship of trust with yourself and with the rest of your personal relationships.

Yoga has been an opening of our subconscious mind to make our lives a conscious longevity. The motivation for this practice is usually evolution and personal development in those of us who seek alternatives to find the experience of happiness and harmony in our lives. Yoga offers you expansion, dynamism and a high sense of value towards life not only your own but the life of the different species and living entities.

Yoga imparts a principle of personal acceptance to the whole that helps you to integrate in a spatial way without missing anything. The virtue of self-confidence is an ideal key to find a great well-being within our development in life. Trust yourself and you will find the self love that we want to experience so much.