Flavored water: everything you need to know

Nowadays, nobody doubts the importance of keeping our body well hydrated. Nor the food industry. That is why In recent years, a wide variety of new beverages have proliferated. Among them, flavored water.

What do we hydrate with?

With warming summers, Experts' alerts regarding high temperatures are becoming more and more familiar. Protect us from the sun, do not exercise in the central hours of the day, keep us cool and hydrate.

We all know that we should drink around about two liters of water up to date, as this is established by the main health authorities. A state of dehydration could lead to serious metabolic and functional disorders.

Without a doubt, the best option to do so is water. But for many people it's not always easy to drink these amounts, because they find it tasteless or do not feel like it.

That is why there is a large consumption of other types of beverages in Spain such as soft drinks, juices or energy drinks. As reflected in the Food Consumption Report in Spain, a total of 2017 were consumed in 2017 2,109.58 million liters of soft drinks, with an average of 49.43 liters per person per year.

The problem is the large amount of added sugar that most of them usually have. And more and more are the voices that They warn of the high presence of free sugars in our diet and the dangers that they pose for health. That is why we must pay special attention to reducing the consumption of this type of drinks.

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The water comes with flavor: its strengths

Flavored waters that are made with natural ingredients such as fruits are ideal for hydration. In addition, they are ideal to avoid the consumption of soft drinks.

When we talk about flavored water we mean water infused or flavored with fruits, vegetables, or spices Nothing else. In this case we would be talking about a drink as healthy and recommended as water.

Flavored water can be a very good option for make hydration something more tasty, varied and fun. And not only that. It can be a way to reduce the consumption of soft drinks, opting for other drinks that hydrate us without being harmful to health. And that they can even provide us with pleasure.

Beware of weak points

Flavored water has found a place in the market among people who are aware of the high consumption of sugar and the importance of eating well to take care of their health.

The couple that form water and fruit seems a very healthy option. But not all flavored waters in the market are what they seem a priori, and have some weaknesses.

Sugar quantities

Analyzing the labels of some of the waters with flavors that we can find in the market, we realize that Most contain sugar or other sweeteners among their ingredients.

So, some of them They look more like a soda than mineral water. They may contain the equivalent of two or three teaspoons of sugar per glass. Some would even cover the limit set by WHO in a single can of drink.

For this, and still believing that we opt for a healthier drink, We would be adding a lot of sugar to our diet.

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A long list of ingredients

We have already seen that the ideal ingredients should be water and fruit or vegetables. But in some of them, the ingredient list It can be very long. Apart from the sugar or sweeteners mentioned above, we can find: concentrated fruit juices, aromas, acidulants, preservatives and dyes.

So far, therefore, from what we consider acceptable for a beverage that wants to resemble mineral water.

Plants, vitamins and minerals

What we look for in water is a drink that hydrates us and replenishes lost minerals. Except in very special conditions, Water should not provide us with other nutrients that we already obtain with food.

So we must be careful when we find health messages on the labels. Let's not be seduced by energizing messages, detox or balancing, since the function of a drink must be hydration.

To enjoy the medicinal properties of plants it is better to go to specialized centers where they offer us personalized advice.

The best flavored water: the homemade

The flavored waters that are made at home are healthy and ideal for cooling in summer. However, you should make sure to do it only with healthy ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and spices.

If we make our own waters with flavors at home, we know exactly the ingredients that we are using.

We can also innovate and experiment with different ingredients, try new spices and take advantage of some fruits or vegetables that we have at home about to break down.

If we follow these 3 basic rules we will have healthy and refreshing drinks for the rest of the summer. And great sodas to surprise our friends and guests!

1. Water must be the base

The main ingredient should be water or, if we prefer, sparkling water. We will add it at the end of the process. Once prepared, we leave it a minimum of 12 hours before taking them so that they acquire more flavor. Before serving we can add ice cubes to maintain freshness.

2. Any fruit we like is valid

Lemon, orange, lime, pineapple, mango, strawberries or the fruit you prefer. LWe cut them into pieces and put them in a wide jar. The smaller the pieces the better. And the juiciest fruits like strawberries, raspberries or blueberries we can crush them a little and thus release more juices and aromas. With cucumber, carrot or celery we will also get some good combinations.

3. Add spices and fresh herbs

The spices and fresh herbs combine very well with the fruits and give us an extra freshness and flavor. In the case of fresh herbs (mint, basil, sage, parsley, etc.), we cut some leaves and mix them directly with the fruits. In the case of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves or ginger, we will make a previous infusion and add it when it is warm.

Do you dare to prepare your own waters with flavor? As you can see, these drinks are a good option to hydrate when you make them with fruits and natural ingredients. If possible, avoid presentations that contain sugars and additives.