Flat belly in 25 days? Look no further, with this green smoothie (and exercise) you will get it

Achieve a flat and defined belly it is one of the toughest tasks on the face of the earth. If not, tell us who are prey to vóragine fitness it takes months (all of life, go) to get a flat stomach based on diet and exercise. It is possible that getting the abs of JLo is our pending task in life -and with great honor-, but if you are willing to get it (the newsroom, from home, applauds you. Because #Stay at home, no way out even if it's good, not even five minutes. So you do not have the slightest excuse: how to get vitamin D without leaving your living room, magnesium has a lot to do) we have found a green diuretic smoothie, fat burning and satiating which is magic. Yes, we have found the goblet of the detox smoothie.

Ingredients and … Let's beat!

-3 spinach leaves.

-A cucumber (with skin or without skin, according to your choice).

-Two tablespoons of striped ginger.

-5 celery stalks.

-3 chard leaves.

-The juice of half a lemon and two tablespoons of vinegar.

What's so special about this Green smoothie? It is packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients that speed up metabolism. In addition, it has a purifying effect, so if you take it on an empty stomach before starting the day, you will feel much more active and deflated. It is also a breakfast full of essential nutrients. If you want it to taste sweeter, you can add pieces of natural pineapple, which also has diuretic properties.

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Ideally, you should consume the smoothie at least three times per weekfor 25 days, although you can take it every day on an empty stomach.

The combination of these ingredients helps the body to correct oxygenation and combat the fluid retention, one of the main problems when it comes to achieving a flat stomach. This little help along with a specific exercise routine can make your dream of an iron abdomen come true. Consistency in your workouts and a healthy diet will do the rest. Although yes, without effort there is no reward.

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