Five tips to organize your pantry so that everything is at hand and you don’t waste food

so important it is tidy up your kitchen to make it look bigger not falling into the typical organization mistakes and keeping the drawers in order to find things, like doing the same with your pantry. Our generation is not one of going to the market every day to buy the products we need every day. With the pace of life we ​​lead, it is increasingly common to make a large purchase and Save food in the pantry to be pulling it until the next time we make the purchase. That is why it is increasingly important to know how organize it to have everything at hand and that the food does not end up expiring on the shelves.

Bottles, baskets, labels, hangers… with these five organizing tips, you will make your pantry worthy of the best Pinterest posts, while making your life easier. write these down ideasbecause you will not regret it:

1. Take advantage of the space in the door

Who said that only the shelves can be used? If you add small hooks and clips on the doors of your storage drawers or your pantry you can hang small bags of nuts, sachets of sauces or spices… you can even reserve a clip for each member of the house and hang a healthy snack there for when it comes hungry. This way you make sure that the whole family eats healthy. The Plutt hooks from Ikea (1.50 euros/3 units) are specially designed for this task, since you can write whatever you want on each hook with a marker.

2. Labels on your cans and food jars

to put the food in boats we already have it quite internalized but, do you put labels to the jars with the names and expiration date of what they contain? Legend has it that one day I tried to make a risotto with rice that had expired three years earlier. You can imagine where the risotto ended up. Don’t be like me, label your jars. In amazon you can find the set of 10 Yangbaga Glass Jars, that come with their labels to organize your food for 26.98 euros.

3. Group food in boxes and baskets

Sure marie condo he has his pantry like this. A box or basket for sauces, another for legumes, another for pasta and rice, another for vegetables that do not need a fridge… This will make it easier to identify where everything is. In bauhaus you can find wooden boxes of different sizes from 9.99 euros each.

4. Use drawer organizers

If your pantry has up to drawers, do not give in to the temptation to have it all thrown away at the bottom. So no one can find anything. uses organizers of drawers and dividers to keep smaller cans or spice jars in order, for example. This way you will find everything easily and you will not buy the same thing four times. Precisely to organize your spices in a drawer, you can buy in Ikea the tray Updatera for 4 euros, an ideal solution.

5. Add extra shelves

If your shelves are very high and you have a lot of space left over, you can always take advantage of the space by placing additional shelves to put a double height of jars For this, the additional shelf Variety of Ikea (5 euros each) it is not even painted.

And above all, remember not to put one jar in front of another and so on ad infinitum, because you will never reach the bottom pot and it will run out. expiring. This way you will get a much more aesthetic and useful pantry.

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