Five keys to reaching maturity in a healthy way

Health is one of the most important factors in the life of any person, but maintaining it over the years It requires effort and dedication. Although we know its importance, it is in the third age when we see the consequences of not having carried a healthy habits routine. "We do not know what is the limit of life of the human being but the reality is that in the years of life not only its quantity is important but its quality", explains the doctor José M. Ordovás, Professor in Nutrition and Genetics. "It is in this last aspect where we have to put the emphasis today," he says.

Knowing the keys that help us achieve a healthy lifestyle is essential. Eroski is aware of this and, therefore, since the Foundation of the food group, they have been betting for 50 years to help society acquire a good life routine in any of its stages. "The contribution to healthy lifestyle habits is our priority issue and is integrated into the day-to-day activities of our activity; therefore, we develop numerous lines of work to facilitate our customers a healthier life," said Agustín Markaide, president of the Basque company, at the presentation ceremony of the 2019 Naos Awards, where Eroski received the Naos Strategy Award 2019 for entrepreneurship for your Ekilibria program. It is not the first time that the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan) rewards the company for this work. To this award, add another Naos in 2008 and three accésits in 2011, 2014 and 2018.

In this way, and on the occasion of the celebration of the half century of life, the Eroski Foundation has published a guide to good habits of life and food, 'Passion for life. Practical guide to healthy lifestyles at maturity ', whose purpose is to promote this lifestyle among the elderly. Professors of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and specialists in this population group have been responsible for preparing this manual, which also addresses the importance of emotions and feelings in the state of health. In addition, the publication includes a list of practical exercises which can help the reader to internalize what he is reading. These are the key points:

1. Healthy eating

Essential to avoid the appearance of certain diseases. The diet must be balanced, that is, composed of a wide variety of foods, and complete, with all the necessary nutrients to provide us with the necessary energy. But also satisfactory, that is, that we enjoy the dishes we eat. The guide provides a food pyramid divided into three parts to make a balanced menu. The foods of occasional consumption (sausages, pastries, sweet drinks …), those of weekly consumption (red meat or ham) and those of daily consumption (fish, eggs, legumes, nuts, olive oil, cereals, potatoes, vegetables, fruit …).

In the variety is the taste and trying new recipes is a way to enjoy with each meal, especially if we take advantage of the season products and we adapt our diet to the months of the year. Salads, grilled meats or cold tortillas can be a good option for the summer, while soups, beans or roasts can be left for colder days. Know them myths and falsehoods It is also important to discard ideas that may harm us, such as the false belief that salt and nuts get fat or that whole wheat bread helps us to take less kilos than white.

2. An active life and a good rest

Sports practice has a lot of benefits, such as improving cardiorespiratory functions and body composition, as well as promoting sense of humor and memory. But to lead an active life it is important to know what kind of activity best suits our personality and tastes. In the guide prepared by the Eroski Foundation a list of recommended exercises, depending on whether we prefer the interior or the exterior.

Walking is one of the most natural ways of practicing a physical activity well with pedometer, to count the daily steps, or with the cane support, what is known as the Nordic march. This practice improves posture while walking or reducing the risk of falling. Recreational parks are increasingly frequent and can also be a good way to perform resistance, strength and joint mobility exercises. At home you can also continue with the exercise, performing activities with arms and legs to improve flexibility or stand up and sit in a chair without the help of hands to improve balance.

3. Active mind

With age it is normal that memory loss Increase This chapter of the guide offers some exercises and recommendations to improve and preserve cognitive functions. For example, keep things in order It is essential to avoid the stress generated by not finding what we are looking for. Although it can always be a good option to get an agenda and write down those things we do not want to forget. In this section, rest is a fundamental piece of the puzzle: sleeping well is essential to concentrate and remember everything we learn.

4. Emotional well-being

For a healthy life it is key to achieve well-being and happiness knowing and learning to manage different types of emotions. To achieve this, one of the fundamental factors is emotional intelligence, which implies the ability to accept and adapt emotions to the different situations we experience throughout our lives.

Positive thinking and stress management are other important factors in achieving that well-being, as well as knowing Control anxiety In this sense, knowing how to face these moments through the search for social support or using humor is essential, as well as living in the present, savoring the here and now, value life experiences, recognize the virtues and awaken the talents.

5. Passion to improve

Reaching the last stage of life does not mean that we do not have the capacity to overcome. We can still get objectives and goals and strive to reach them. They must be specific goals, with measurable and attainable goals, that is, realistic. Put on a start and end date It will prevent us from feeling frustrated after years of pursuing a goal that is never met.