Five healthy routines to recover from excesses

Now that we have forgotten the good purposes we made in January, in October it is time to face the return to the routine. Thus, autumn becomes the beginning stage, when we face new challenges for the new course. Among them, and taking into account the excesses of summer, recover the figure and take care of the food again become two of the objectives to work.

In this sense, autumn is one of the times with the highest number of inscriptions in The gyms. And it is that 93% of Spaniards – worried about their physique – intends to go to the gym with the arrival of this station, as extracted from a survey prepared by Krissia.

In addition, the return to the gym is not the only concern, but also to establish a diet that helps to get rid of the excesses of summer. Natalia Ramos, Nutritional Development and Education Manager at Angulas Aguinaga, parent company of Krissia, points out that “it is best to take care of yourself throughout the year; despite this, it is inevitable that, in times like summer, we neglect a little food and exercise routines" Therefore, he proposes a series of tips that help to recover the figure and "normality":

Set a real training goal. One of the most important points is to set a goal realistic training, so that the frequency and intensity can be gradually increased. All this will help to achieve the goals and manage to keep the exercise in our daily routine.


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Plan your weekly menu. Not only do you have to keep in mind what to eat tomorrow, but you should make a calendar of weekly meals. The shopping cart has to include some essential ingredients such as fresh, fruits or vegetables, which are very important to make straight lines, Healthy and tasty.

Healthy snacks between meals. It is already known that in many occasions the pecking is the culprit of those extra kilos, but for this, we must have prepared healthy snacks, either to have in the office or go to the gym, to help us quench the appetite between meals.

Consult a dietitian / nutritionist. In many cases, we performs diets or routines little recommended for our body, as well as ingesting nutritional supplements without the supervision of a professional. Therefore, it is important to visit or be advised by a dietitian-nutritionist and thus be able to set the eating guidelines and review the training.

Regular sleep schedules. Using routines sounds topical, but it is important to incorporate them into our lives not only in the field of exercise or meals, but also transfer it to sleep. Setting regular sleep schedules will help to achieve greater concentration at work and enjoy more free moments.

In short, we must understand our eating and exercise routines as something fun and something that is part of our daily lives. In this way, eating healthy and being fit will not sound impossible, but will be a reality in our lives.

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