Five easy decoration tricks from the interior designer Natalia Zubizarreta to remove stress from your home and achieve an atmosphere of absolute relaxation

The lockdown revealed that our House It is not only a place of passage, where to rest after the working day. Homes must be designed to live and enjoy them, finding the decorative style that best suits your personality and adapting it to your pace of life. Know the trends of the moment and know how to combine colors to avoid the most common mistakes and gradually create your corner of peace. We have spoken with the interior designer Natalia Zubizarretawho has been working on the relationship between emotions and decoration for years and has discovered the 5 tips that you must follow in your home so that harmony reigns and you can achieve Peace of mind. Because, according to Zubizarreta, “the greatest honor you can do to your home is to live in it and enjoy it.”

1. Clean and Tidy

Sounds like the best advice essential, the one that appears in all the organization and cleaning articles, but it is like that. If you intend to put into your house everything that you have been dragging since you became independent, the result may be horrific. “It’s no use making your house pretty if it’s going to be full of things that are no longer used,” says Natalia. And she continues: “The disorder produces visual noise and stress, in addition psychologically, it is related to a lack of appreciation. Love yourself more and have your home more tidy«.

2. Soft, neutral, harmonic base

Natalia Zubizarreta encourages you to create a blank canvas in your home for later take a chance with the smaller elements, such as furniture or decorative pieces. «When we want to change something, the house does not impose a certain style or line on us, lets us flow and make changes without stress, this is fantastic for our psyche«, says the interior designer. And it is that if the walls and floors of our house have a color neutralit will be easier for you to take risks with other elements such as wallpaper, furniture, textiles…

3. Natural materials

The human being needs to connect with the nature and, in the absence of forest at home, you can always resort to natural materials. “Impossible to imagine an interior without wood since this material brings warmth to the home and is like a hug. If you opt for wood in tones clear, faded, they will never tire you and will always give warmth to your home. If you can combine them with natural fibers, stones, linen, cotton, wool, will bring peace, harmony and good vibes to your home and by extension, to your life« says Zubizarreta. And, of course, Natalia bets on the floors, to give that natural and fresh touch to your home. The best ones are natural, of course, but if there is no way you can last a live one, now there are some artificial that look real.

4. Lighting

A good one illumination Completely change the look of your home. It does not mean that you have to fill your house with bulbs and lamps, but that the same bulb located in a certain place, radically modifies the light from your house. From the Zubizarreta studio they always recommend “having warm lights, even in kitchen and bathrooms. This links us to the cave, to the heat of the fire and our most primitive brain sends the signal that we are safe and that translates into relaxation and wellness«.

5. Special parts

It’s not about spending a lot money in a particular piece of furniture, but to find that piece that you cannot avoid looking at when you enter the house. An old piece of furniture restore yourself, or a design piece that made you fall in love as soon as you saw it in the store. «At home I have several recovered pieces that I bought for very little, but having given them a second life with a new look (some stripped, others painted) I love seeing them in their “new life” and home,” says Zubizarreta.

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