Five “C”s of love: caring, trust, connection, contact and communication

Loving implies trusting, blindfolded, that the other person is going to love you as much as you love her, and for that you should keep in mind the 5 “C” of love.

Last update: February 28, 2022

To be with someone and live a relationship without equal, it would be convenient to keep in mind the five “C” of love. Affection, trust, connection, contact and communication are essential in a bond of a special nature.

You deserve to love and be loved with all the fervor. Without fear of delivery, both in public and in private. To say out loud that this person is important and that you are proud to be part of their life. In each of these gestures, love is present, it takes hold, it feeds.

Being able to communicate, trust and be affectionate with the other person creates a solid foundation. Without a doubt, the five “C”s of love add value to a relationship. Therefore, we will tell you how it influences and how each of them interrelate.

The five “C” of love: affection

The first reason for two people to approach each other is attraction, and if there is chemistry, affection does not take long to appear. This affection must reach a relationship to stay in everyday life. Over time, side by side, affection allows you to keep the flame of love burning.

It is important to live with respect, keeping the details, gestures of gratitude. This does not require a waste of money or time. The hugs, the surprise kisses, the romantic escapades, everything counts.

connection in love

Wanting to be part of a person’s life and doing what is within reach to be present, are very valuable gestures. This is how the connection in the couple is nourished: efforts are made on each side, attention is sustained.

And it is that the intention is to show that, despite having many occupations, you are attentive to that person. It’s as simple as showing up with a message or a call. The essential thing is that there is a demonstrable priority in this, without you leaving the attentions at the last minute, with the leftovers of time.

Trust, one of the 5 “C” of love

Trust usually begins in a relationship in the healthiest way, and taking care of it is very important. In this sense, communication serves as a support for this precious value. And it is that For there to be trust, there must be transparency..

This does not depend on the amount of time you spend together, but on the quality of the bond and the respect you have for each other. In this way, trust is gained, but it can also be very easy to lose it.

From the moment someone breaks the trust of their partner, the most feared scenarios can arise. On the one hand, there are those who cannot tolerate it and see the end of the relationship right then and there. On the other hand, there is another tendency to want to solve the situation. In this case, it is about people who try to show a willingness to forgive and move on even if it costs them.

Communication as a couple

Saying your opinion and expressing how you feel are two key factors in moving a relationship forward.. Otherwise, you will go down a path of stagnation, misunderstandings, and constant bickering. When communication is lacking, silences abound.

Whether out of fear or even because they cannot process everything that happens, there are people who decide to remain silent. Contrary to this scenario, there are people who decide to embark on a journey of active listening, reflection and exchange of opinions with respect.

Of course, these processes are not perfect. Communication is a complex interaction where two or more universes coexist. Two heads try to understand each other according to their own references and do their best to move on, especially when they disagree with something.

Communicating is one of the most exquisite ways of loving, of wanting to stay present in the other’s life and to show that you take the other person into account, because you want to open up to them.

Contact, a tool for love

Love is nourished by contact, as it allows us to discover the other and learn from their experiencesof his way of seeing the world. In this sense, two people choose to start a journey in company, as a destination they are to grow and advance together.

Maintaining contact, walking side by side, allows you to create supports with which you know that if one day you stumble, you will have someone to support you and help you get up.

There is no doubt that The five “C” of love add a series of benefits to relationships. They create healthy spaces for both, where the warmth remains intact and the other becomes your home.

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