Five changes in your day to day to improve your health in 2020

Whenever a new year begins we consider some challenges Sometimes we comply, sometimes not. However, January is that month that motivates work and fight for those things we want to change in our life. It is the month in which gyms are filled, nutritionists are filled with patients who seek to improve their eating habits … but sometimes it is not necessary to sign up for everything to achieve your purposes, sometimes it is simpler than it seems .

With a few simple changes in your life you can Improve your health this year. You don't need more than encouragement to start.

Get some exercise on your breaks

Take advantage of those 3 minutes resting for move around. If you take a break every hour you will have about 21 minutes of accumulated daily exercise. You can do squats, push-ups, some postures of yoga, or whatever you like best. If you work in a building you can go up and down the stairsThis small change in your routine can make a difference and help you maintain other healthy routines.

Walk more

Leave the car aside, if you use the subway or the bus, you will be forced to walk more. You can also stroll through the city or the countryside, a hike 30 minutes or one hour will help you increase the active minutes in your day to day. Another of its benefits is to help you keep your mind clear and move your heart a little. Set aside the elevator, escalators and other means, and take advantage of the unevenness to do some gentle exercise.

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Drink more water

Always carry one water bottle with you, so if you feel thirsty you will choose to drink the water and avoid the consumption of soft drinks or sugary drinks.

Rest more and better

Miss an hour of sleep or don't rest It can well cause all kinds of problems: slowness, impulsive and erroneous decision making, depression.

Consume less sugar

You may decrease your sugar intake easily and without dying in the attempt. Start by stopping putting it on coffee and yogurt. These two foods serve very well to accustom our palate. If we want to leave aside the free sugar we must go through a process in which we get used to taking this substance less.

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