Fireworks ban in Germany this end of the year

The buying and selling fireworks in Germany It is an activity limited only to the time of the holidays; It is very traditional to enjoy fireworks on important dates such as New Years Eve and New Years. However, everything seems to indicate that this year it will not be allowed.

Reasons for the ban

The government of Germany prepares to carry out a prohibition of use of fireworks and, therefore, its commercialization. The main reason for making this decision has everything to do with the delicate pandemic situation that exists throughout the world.

During the New Year celebrations in Germany, there are usually large numbers of accidents caused by fireworks; many of which require surgery. However, during the pandemic a number of important resources have been used in health care centers. In this way, a clear message is sent and that is that the control of the pandemic is the priority at the moment for the German State.

In this situation, hospitals would not be able to provide care necessary to those who suffer injuries during the celebrations and, therefore, it is considered irresponsible to allow this type of activity during these festivities.

There are many organizations that are promoting this proposal. Some organizations such as the Green Party and the non-governmental agency Environmental Action Germany strongly support this ban.

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An old request

Although it is true that the use of fireworks has not yet been prohibited, some non-governmental associations have already made this proposal with fairly solid allegations. Among the arguments that have been presented, the following stand out:

  • Collaborate with the reduction of air pollution.
  • Prevent respiratory problems in citizens.
  • Avoid burn injuries

Despite the attractiveness of these types of lights, the advantages do not seem to be so representative as to maintain the tradition of celebrating with them for much longer. Especially when it comes to putting people and property at risk.

Decision made in other countries

Germany is not the only country that has decided to implement this ban. Already in Holland the decision to ban fireworks during year-end celebrations has been consolidated.

On November 13 Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, firmly declared that the commercialization and use of fireworks in celebrations this end of the year were prohibited. The reasons are the same prevent the collapse of hospitals who are already facing the great challenge of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Likewise, the Dutch government has also established the punishment for those who ignore such prohibition. Faced with this situation, the citizen would face the payment of a fine of 100 euros plus a criminal record.

In this way, everything seems to indicate that to return to normal activities worldwide, we will have to wait to completely defeat the pandemic.

And what do you think of the ban on fireworks?