Fireworks affect children with autism and pets: how to avoid it?

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The use of pyrotechnics is somewhat controversial every year at this time, when thousands of people claim for the rights of their children with autism and also for those of their pets who suffer from great hearing sensitivity and the fireworks affect them. We tell you how to avoid and protect them.

Children with ASD

The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) it is characterized, among other things, by a great sensitivity in the senses, especially in the ear. That is why people with autism are extremely sensitive to external stimuli, since they perceive sounds more deeply and fireworks affect them more than the rest.

The roaring of fireworks generates high levels of stress and anxiety that can lead to nervous breakdowns, tension, crying, screaming and even self-harm. Definitely: pyrotechnics is a real torture for them.

Pets and companion animals

In nature, fireworks are not well received either, since the sounds are perceived as signals of storms or adverse phenomena that frighten animals. What’s more, both dogs and cats are sentient beings who have an exacerbated and easily stimulable auditory system.

In addition, in this state of fear, pets panic and there may even be cases of escapism, so it is crucial to keep the doors and windows closed and try to keep the parties inside the home. Cats, for example, tend to ingest the remains of products used as fireworks and can become intoxicated with them.

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How to protect them?

In the case of children with autism, the ideal is to follow certain strategies:

  • Spend the festivities in some remote place such as the countryside, the sea, forests or simply far from the big cities.
  • Generate moments of calm with games or recreational activities that allow children to be distracted.
  • A good idea is to offer headphones with relaxing music.
  • The best ways to contain physically are hugs. Also, some families choose to wear earplugs while doing other play activities.

If you have pets it is recommended:

  • Be careful that there is no door or window open through which the animal can escape. It is preferable to ventilate with appliances inside the house.
  • Play with your pet at the time the fireworks start, so that he can concentrate on another activity.
  • Offer activities related to pleasure such as smelling exercises in which they go around the house sniffing some food and focus their attention on that.
  • It is advisable to take them out for a walk during the day as the walks allow the dogs to expend energy and relax later.
  • For those who have to leave their pets at home alone, you can put on the television to distract them. There are even TV channels with programs designed for pets during the holidays, on channels like National Geographic Y Animal Planet.

Awareness campaigns on this issue tend to focus on the message “Pyrotechnics with more lights and less noise” since the conflict is generated mainly by auditory over-excitement. However, reducing or avoiding the use of pyrotechnics and fireworks altogether is ideal.

All of us can do something about it. In this way we will be protecting and respecting the right to the welfare of all, both humans and other species of nature.

Did you know anything about this topic? Tell us how you protect your loved ones and pets from fireworks during the holidays


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