“Finding Ana”: Juan Jonsson never forgot his nanny, he looked for her until they could meet again

This man created a great plan and managed to reunite with his beloved nanny after 46 years. He finds out all the facts.

Last update: May 17, 2022

Children require permanent care during their first years of life. For that reason, when their parents have work obligations to attend to during part of the day, They decide to hire a nanny who is in charge of providing them with quality treatment.

Those women protect children with love, make them feel comfortable and pass on a lot of important teachings. In this way, they manage to build an unconditional friendship with them.

Consequently, the little ones feel a great love for them because they are aware that they take care of them in the best way. Besides, are grateful for the rest of life, because they leave a valuable mark on your emotional well-being.

However, for various reasons, many cannot continue living near them over the years. Therefore, in adulthood they are interested in finding them again to let them know that they have never stopped thinking about them.

As did a man who managed to find his beloved nanny after 46 years. In this article we share all the details about this moving story.

The childhood bond between Juan Jonsson and his nanny

Juan Jonsson, a Swedish man, lived the first years of his childhood in Cochabamba (Bolivia). His parents worked as missionaries and made the decision to go to that country to carry out their works during the 1970s.

In this way, in order not to leave him helpless while they carried out their tasks, they hired a woman named Ana Jiménez to be their nanny. That was how she took care of him like a son and made him feel protected at all times.

In addition, it was an important help for the whole family. She, well, she was always willing to support them in everything they needed and to guarantee their fullness.

However, the family had to separate from the nanny when Juan was 6 years old. This, because they agreed to go live in Spain.

But neither the distance nor the passing of the years made Juan Jonsson forget the woman who gave him such pure love during his childhood. Because of that, after 46 years, he promoted a strategy to be able to travel to Bolivia and share with her again.

The man’s plan to reunite with his nanny

Juan —who today is a well-known pastor in Spain— decided that he was going to do everything possible to be able to find his nanny again. For that reason, decided to share the story of his childhood through social networks.

Likewise, in that same post, he let Internet users know that he wanted to go to Bolivia to be able to spend a few days with her. In this way, he created a campaign called finding anna and attached a link in which people could make voluntary donations to help him.

This is how he managed to get all the resources he needed to carry out the trip he was so longing for. He traveled from Malaga to Yacuíba, the Bolivian city where Ana now lives.

The reunion between Juan Jonsson and his nanny

Before getting on the plane, Juan managed to contact one of Ana’s children. Therefore, he told her where the house where her nanny was living was located.

In this way, when the man was in Bolivian territory, he went there, knocked on the door and waited for Ana – who is now 78 years old – to open it. She then explained that he was the child that she had cared for so lovingly 46 years ago.

Because of that, the lady immediately hugged him and couldn’t hold back her tears. She felt lucky to see him again and to have him in her arms.

Similarly, she stated that Juan’s arrival had come at the time when she needed him most. Since her husband had passed away, one of her sons was very ill and he was able to comfort her.

For that reason, to fill her with more motivation, thank her for receiving him and let her know that she did not forget each of the blessings she had had with her family in the past., He invited her to dinner with everyone who lived with her. Also, at that moment they revived a lot of memories of her.

Later, the time came when Juan had to return to Spain. For that reason, Ana accompanied him to take the bus that took him to the airport, she gave him a big hug and reminded him how much she loved him.

However, today they can communicate through social networks and express all their love every day.


Final reflection

This story shows that love leaves indelible marks on people’s lives. Because of that, is a powerful value that fosters quality links and guarantees the well-being of all the people involved.

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