Find out all about bioneuroemotion and why you should practice it

When talking about the emotional management and personal development one thinks of Enric Corbera, who is director of the Spanish Institute of Bioneuroemoción. To define what is bioneuroemotion, he explains that it focuses on the study of the biological meaning of the symptoms that occur in the body. The principle is to understand that everything is information in nature and that can be established through learning that the unconscious has. But how does it work, what is it based on and what is a session like?

To understand the whole concept from the beginning, it must be taken into account that the bioneuroemotion is in charge of investigating the way to enter the unconscious so that learning and learning are modified. emotions are managed. Enric Corbera classifies this as the art of unlearning.

When delving into this concept, it is discovered that behind the emotions there is a belief, which forces us to act in a specific way and it is necessary that that belief transcends so that it can be healed.

What is bioneuroemotion based on?

The bioneuroemotion is based on the search for irrational thoughts in order to heal the emotions that these thoughts produce. It is from this that "rational emotional therapy" is developed, which was originally created by Albert Ellis, a psychotherapist.

This part of the emotional state is caused by the interpretation that one has of the events and not specifically the events. This means that the human being is capable of modifying his belief and irrational thinking, if so, he is also capable of creating an emotional state that is more rational and less painful. As a result, he develops 11 irrational beliefs which are:

-I want to be loved and approved by important people.

-I must be successful and not make mistakes.

-Those who do not behave correctly should be blamed and punished.

-Things should be as I think they should be. If not, it is a catastrophe.

-Human unhappiness is caused by something external. I don't control it, so I can't manage sorrows and worries.

-I must control and worry about everything dangerous or threatening.

-I am happier avoiding, than facing the difficulties and responsibilities of life.

-I need to trust and depend on someone stronger than me.

– The past is the cause that today is as I am.

-I should worry about others when they have problems and I should be sad when they are sad.

-The problems must have an ideal solution, it is a catastrophe not to reach it.

How does bioneuroemotion work?

In bioneuroemotion, three techniques are used to get the information learned and change it, if possible. That is, information is sought in the following:

–The chronological age. In this stage, the conflicts present in a person throughout his life are analyzed until the triggering situation is found.

–The meaning / project. Here is the period that goes from nine months of conception to three years. At this stage, those conflicts that were experienced by the parents are analyzed.


When finding the connection between the emotion and the ailment, one goes into a state of quarantine, it is at this point where the mind will fight not to unlearn and the practitioner will have to reflect to unlearn. The promise is that when the belief is unlearned, like the emotion it produces, the disease will no longer have a cause and will therefore disappear.

What is the difference between bioneuroemotion and biodecoding?

The difference between these two concepts is described on Eric Corbera's own page. Biodecoding uses a biological perspective only, while bioneuroemotion is more based on a holistic paradigm where different factors are achieved that will intervene in the emotional and health well-being of each of the individuals.

The latter means that people who have the same difficulty are not necessarily going to have the same conflict of origin, so there are no general formulas in bioneuroemotion, so the same solution is not applicable to everyone.

What is a bioneuroemotion session like?

The bioneuroemotion session lasts a maximum of an hour and a half. Eric Corbera on his website defines it as a different point of view to understand the way one has to interpret reality influenced by cultures and families.


Books on bioneuroemotion:

There are two texts that can help you understand more about bioneuroemotion:

  • Treatise on bioneuroemotion biological bases for the change of consciousness
  • Bioneuroemotion. A method for emotional well-being

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