Fertility: truths and lies

No problem. Many women they think they are fertile because their cycles are regular and their gynecological exams are normal. But routine cytology and ultrasound are not performed to determine the fertility, but to look for anomalies and rule out possible problems. And as for the rule, an example: at 45, the ovarian reserve of the woman is almost exhausted, but still has the menstruation.

I'm already a mother … and you think that, since you've had a child, conceiving another will be easy. In some cases it doesn't work that way. In fact, it's called secondary infertility which affects couples who, after having a child, develop reproductive problems, in many cases due to complications in the pregnancy previous.

Age issue

At this point almost everyone is clear that, the older the mother, the lower the chances of pregnancy. But what about the father? Age also affects the sperm quality. WHO estimates that between 30% and 50% of men of childbearing age have a semen of a quality lower than the standards necessary to achieve a pregnancy.

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