Feng shui in the bedroom: ideas for decorating

This ancient practice, originally from China, is responsible for harmonize our environment through a correct distribution of the elements that occupy the spaces. Feng shui in the bedroom is an excellent way to predict a genuine and pleasant rest.

In this sense, each object must occupy a certain place so that in this way the energy flows freely and does not encounter obstacles that can disperse it.

The home we live in or the office we work in reflects emotional health. In other words, if we manage to harmonize these environments, our emotions will be the first to notice this new flow of energy. One of the premises of this philosophy is based on the Ying Yang: the existence of two forces that, although they are opposite, complement each other. This is how balance and harmony are gained.

Ideas and tips to decorate the bedroom applying the feng shui philosophy

The ying it is linked to darkness, passivity, the earth and the feminine side of the universe; the yang with the masculine, the light, the movement and the sky. If we apply this division to the home, the ying goes for the bedroom and bathroom, while the yang it is related to the entrance, the dining room and the living room.

The chi or the energy flow cannot be interrupted by any element that is out of place And this also goes for the bedroom, which must be conditioned according to certain patterns. The ultimate goal of applying feng shui in the bedroom is to enjoy a good night's sleep, which will ultimately have positive effects on your health.

Bedroom shape

The shape must be square or rectangular, since these geometric figures provide balance and stability and correspond to the "earth" element of the cosmos.

The shape of the room and its orientation are key in feng shui assembly and decoration.

Room location

The location of the room is not something we can choose, but depending on where the room is oriented we will have different energetic vibrations:

  • North: darkness and cold are omens of a good rest.
  • South: negative energy.
  • West: happiness and joy.
  • East: positive energy and good luck.

Bed orientation

As expected, the bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. According to feng shui, the foot of the bed should not be in line with the door.

This is because it can cause a feeling of vulnerability and impatience that does not facilitate rest. In this sense, you have to see the door from the bed, but not face it. If you have no other option, we suggest you place a stool, a storage or any other element that blocks the flow of negative energy.

In addition, you have to leave a free space under the bed so that the energy circulates naturally and does not find obstacles in its path.

Head board of the bed

The headboard gives us security and containment. Therefore, it must be made of wood or upholstered and lean against a wall that does not have windows. If you have the windows just above your head, use good curtains or blinds.

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If you placed a mirror in your room, try not to reflect the body while you are lying down or lying in bed. Actually, feng shui does not recommend it because they have a significant energy weight. If you have no other option, cover it every time you go to sleep.

Doors and windows

They function as energy organizers within the home. This is why we give you these three specific tips about doors:

  1. Do not place a mirror in front of them because good energy is withdrawn as soon as you enter the room.
  2. Check that they work without problems and that they do not present difficulty when opening or closing them.
  3. Keep them clean.

With regard to the windows, for feng shui they are the eyes of the home and the energy comes out there to complete its cycle. Also here we suggest three tips:

  1. Use curtains.
  2. Keep the glasses clean.
  3. Open them all days so that the home is ventilated.


Ideally, there are no electronic devices in your room, such as televisions, computers or telephones. They affect sleep patterns, due to the electromagnetic field they generate. If you already have a television, remember to cover it before sleeping.


The best way to light up your room for feng shui is with floor or table lamps, not so with the lights that come from the ceiling and fall right on the bed.


If you are going to place paintings or photographs, make sure that they do not reflect images of anguish, sadness and pain. Choose those that give you peace and quiet.

The photos have to be only of the owners of the room and not relatives. In relation to the furniture, the bed, a wardrobe and one or two bedside tables is more than enough; although a reading chair does not hurt.

Minimalism is very feng shui friendly in the bedroom, allowing an adequate flow of energy, without hindrance.


Light and pastel color palettes are preferred for walls and ceiling. If you like stronger color contrasts, you can choose dark blankets, curtains, and cushions.

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Feng shui in the bedroom and in life

Cleanliness and order cannot be lacking in feng shui in the bedroom. Get rid of any furniture and objects that are not really important. Fewer elements and more space for energy to circulate.

Finally, avoid metal headboards, plants and fountains in the room, as they divert positive energy.

Everything relates to everything. We are what we are because we do what we do and we are where we are. The more harmony we are able to create around us, the better results on a physical, emotional and spiritual level we will obtain.