Felinotherapy: discover all the benefits of this type of assisted therapy

The felinotherapy It is a type of animal-assisted therapy, like equine therapy, but in this case the therapeutic companions are cats. And therapy is based precisely on that: on enjoying the feline's company. Stroking them helps people reduce stress, anxiety and elevate mood, as well as helping to improve the physical health of those who care for them.

Felinotherapy is beneficial in different situations, as for example, in the recovery from cardiovascular accidents, since they facilitate that the people have low levels of blood pressure; In addition to, as we said before, reducing levels of stress, anxiety and depression, they make patients stay busy and feel useful.

They have also been used in therapies with children, with hearing or language problems, autism, as well as companionship for those who are hospitalized.

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Purring enhances endorphin secretion, which rstrengthen our immune system. Studies carried out in Sweden and Finland showed that exposing children to cats and dogs during their childhood strengthens their immunity and decreases the tendency to develop allergies to pets. In addition to teaching them about respect, care and love for other species.

To treat patients admitted to psychiatric hospitals and also in non-hospitalized cases, feline therapy is often used to help people with different types of neurosis, depression and schizophrenia.

Treatment is based on the cat's unique ability to establish close spiritual contact with the patient. People with mental problems accept the presence of a cat without any signs of anxiety. The cat doesn't do something special, it just sits on its knees for the patient to pet it.

The animal assisted therapies They can be very useful tools to help heal people, but we must not forget that they are not objects, and that they require our care and attention.

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benefits of having a cat as a pet

Some of the advantages that cats have as pets is that they are very independent animals, they do not need as much care as dogs, with which, they are excellent companions for the elderly.

The characteristic purr (sound that the cat makes when it is comfortable and safe) has a positive effect on people's mood, promoting good humor and providing confidence and security. The signs of affection that the cat provides us also have a positive effect on our psyche, and have helped patients to get ahead thanks to their simple presence.

According to a study by researchers at the Stroke Institute at the University of Minnesota, people who live with cats are 30% less likely to die from a heart attack. Another study carried out by the University of Indiana Bloomington with 7,000 people concluded that the act of watching videos of felines diminishes the negative feelings of the spectators and increases their energy and positive emotions.

Cats can be ideal coexistence companions for people of all ages; highly independent, they teach us a healthy love bond. They are silent, mysterious, very spiritual and transmit a lot of calm to those who accompany them. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy their company!

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