Father got his son’s surgical scar tattooed so he doesn’t feel left out

A father got a tattoo on his head to support his son with cancer and take away his insecurities. Check out the heartwarming story.

Last update: 04 March, 2022

Children can have many insecurities due to illnesses or situations that they have had to live through. However, parents are always willing to do anything to overcome those fears.

This is because their ultimate goal is that their children can always be well. What’s more, that they can live without thinking about adverse situations.

This was demonstrated by Josh Marshall, a man who proved to be the best father in the world. In this article we share all the details of his beautiful story.

The father who got a scar tattooed to make his son feel safe

Josh’s 8-year-old son Gabriel was diagnosed in 2015 with anaplastic astrocytoma, a type of brain cancer. Because of that, he had to undergo surgery that left him with no hair and a scar on the right side of his head.

For that reason, as the days went by, the boy began to feel very insecure. Well, he told his father that he believed the scar made him look like a monster.

Because of this, his father made the decision to get a tattoo that will imitate his scar. This with the intention that if someone looked at the child, they would also notice that his father looked the same.

This is how the child’s confidence increased considerably. Well, he told everyone that he and his father looked like twins.

The father won an award

Due to the trust the boy took, the father received many congratulations for his beautiful gesture of kindness. What’s more, decided to enter the St. Baldrick Foundation’s Best Bald Dad competition.

This consisted of uploading a photo in which the parents showed that they had shaved their heads to support their children with cancer. Thus, a total of 55 men participated.

Josh uploaded a photo with his son and said that the scar had been made to help him regain confidence. In this way, she surpassed 5,000 votes and won the award.

But, beyond the recognition, Josh said he was happy for the publicity that he had been able to give to childhood cancer. Well, children need frequent support to help keep their motivation intact.

Unfortunately, however, Gabriel closed his eyes forever in the year 2018. However, His father was left with the peace of mind that he gave everything to make him feel strong and loved.

Final reflection

This story shows that parents are the great heroes of their children. Well, They do everything possible so that they feel good and can overcome all the insecurities that invade them.

In the same way, it is the faithful reflection that parents are a great medicine for their children. Well, they always fulfill the objective of relieving their hearts.

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