Fat that helps you lose weight?

We have always heard that not all fats are bad. Especially when we talk about avocado fat or naturally occurring in nuts. If we refer to the fat present in the body, we must take into account that not all is the same. Therefore, the desire to "eliminate it all" when we are on a diet or want to lose weight is not healthy at all.

The organism is made up of water, bone, fat mass and lean fat, and each of these components has a different function in the body.

Fat, although it may seem like the great enemy, is necessary for optimal health. It fulfills protective and storage functions and is also a crucial element when it comes to obtaining energy in case the body needs it. Therefore, we must banish the belief that fat is bad and therefore, it must be eliminated completely. The problem comes when we find extremes; that is, excess fat is bad because it can cause obesity, however, the deficit is too. And, if we take into account the role they play, there are Three types of fats in the body.

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White fat

It is a type of fat that is stored in the abdominal area and that comes into action when we need energy. Keep in mind that it is not metabolically active.

Beige fat

It is a type of fat that is activated when we exercise or are cold.

Brown fat

It is not the most abundant in the body, so it is not the cause of overweight or obesity, such as white fat. What does this type of fat do? It is activated when we are cold using white fat as fuel to maintain body fat. The more brown fat in the body, the more predisposition you have to thinness and the easier it is to regulate the weight. When do you have more percentage of this fat? The younger you are, hence with age it is much harder to lose weight.

What should we consider, then? That not all fat is bad and that wanting to eliminate it completely in a weight loss plan is a mistake.

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