Fat burning vegetables not to gain weight at Christmas

Although the other day we already told you some of the best tips to prepare our body for Christmas excesses, when it comes to the 'eaters' of these dates, there are never enough tips to try to make the body (and the silhouette) suffer as little as possible We are not talking about extreme diets that do not allow you to indulge yourself, these dates are to be enjoyed, yes, in moderation.

Therefore, we must have some guidelines in mind so that one of the purposes of the new year is not to 'lose all the weight I have gained since December 20'.

Although sometimes it is difficult, we must know how to say no. Book for special occasions and be careful with alcohol, since they are empty calories. Still, there are certain foods that can become your allies to burn fat. In this case, the vegetables. We have selected the ones you are sure to have at home and that will help you lose fluid, burn fat and accelerate the metabolic process. They are not magical, but they help.


Artichokes: Due to its diuretic effect and its low caloric intake, they are a rich and satiating vegetable, perfect as a starter or side dish.

Asparagus: Like artichokes, they also have a powerful diuretic effect and a high fiber content.

Chard and spinach: They may not be the most appetizing dish for Christmas, but their properties improve in intestinal transit.

Leek, celery and cucumber: Like the vegetables mentioned above, they are duréticos, so they help to eliminate accumulated liquids. Celery is perfect for serving as a crudité, as is cucumber, which is very low in calories and 99% water.

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