Family Constellations: What are they and how can they help us solve problems?

Family Constellations is a therapeutic method developed by Bert Hellinger in the 80's; From his various training in Psychoanalysis, Group Dynamics, Gestalt and Systemic Therapy, among others, he formulated his principles based on observations of dynamics and patterns of behavior that are repeated in a family, generation after generation.

To explain it in a simple way, many of the problems, feelings, behaviors and symptoms that we have, do not have to do with our personal history, but rather find their origin in the family system, and to the extent that there are unresolved conflicts, they will continue to persist and be transmitted unconsciously, through the generations.

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Everything that one generation does not solve, will have repercussions in subsequent generations. unfailingly, until a family member decides to work on it, how? Making that reality aware, accepting and acknowledging what happens, and repairing the conflict to free those who carry it.

In all families, events occur or have occurred that deeply mark their members, disturbing the harmony of the group. We are all connected with our family and we assume, as children, a role in that structure. The integral members, even those who are absent or no longer living, are energetically present in the family structure and affect others.

This therapy works on systems, therefore, it can also be applied to labor, educational systems, among others. Helps in the healing of bonds in the various systems or areas in which we establish ourselves.

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What is constellation therapy?

Technically, the family constellation consists of group work, by a facilitator, and work is done on a system, with the help of workshop participants who represent the members of the system in question; not necessarily all the people involved in the conflict have to be present.

The consultant raises their question or need and the facilitator decides which representatives are needed to address the issue and places them (or asks the consultant to locate them) in the space, configuring an image of how they relate to each other. Representatives have to express what they feel in that placeEither an emotion, a bodily sensation, or an urge.

The>, applying healing phrases to put the system in order and contribute to the reconciliation of the members. There is no one way to work it; the facilitator chooses the one he considers most convenient for each particular situation.

Through this work, the causes of unresolved conflicts can be made visible. It allows people to break free, broaden their perspective and open up to reconciliation, accepting reality and assuming the responsibility that falls to them.

In what situations in life is it advisable to make a family constellation?

♦ When they are presented difficulties in family ties, which are manifested in emotional, physical or mental problems.

♦ In the workplace, when they appear difficult relationships with bosses or colleagues of work.

♦ In> relationship problems, coexistence or conflictive separations (cases of abortion, sexual abuse, adoption).

♦ In the case of disease suffering serious or chronic, addictions, eating disorders (if there is an unresolved family systemic dynamic, whereby the person somatizes and the body becomes ill).

♦ People whose families have repeatedly suffered unfortunate experiences (duels, tragic deaths, suicides) or those who need to face important events in their history.


The family constellation requires a certain degree of commitment and responsibility on the part of those who decide to go through it and resolve a particular situation in their life. This therapy is liberating and healing, since it allows you to reconcile with your own family and individual history, to regain ties and heal yourself.

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