False myths about breast cancer

There are certain general ideas about how it starts, or what it can cause breast cancer and although they are erroneous from a scientific point of view, they seem to make sense, especially when those ideas are rooted in outdated theories. And if we add to that the amount of information that circulates through social networks, what we get as a result is many uninformed people sharing myths about such a sensitive issue as cancer.

One of the oldest bulos talks about bras, of which it is said that they can cause breast cancer due to the obstruction of lymphatic tissue, an affirmation that the head of the Breast Unit of MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid, Laura García considers completely empty of scientific support. "It is true that underwire bras are prohibited after breast cancer surgery and, instead, sports bras are recommended, but this is only a surgical recommendation and has nothing to do with the development and / or progression of tumor, "stresses this expert.

On the other hand, another great myth is that of the belief that deodorants antiperspirants They can cause breast cancer. In this case, there is even a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that shows that there is no relationship between the type of deodorant we use and the occurrence of breast cancer.


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Eating habits are also the subject of such rumors. From superfoods or miraculous diets such as ketogenic, alkaline or macrobiotic, even banned foods like soy. These are food tips that swarm the Internet without any scientific study to support them. For example, in the case of soy, the doctor points out that "there is no recommendation from the American Cancer Society to suggest that soy is contraindicated," and points to "total and absolute safety in the consumption of soy milk, soy sauce or soy peas."

In the face of all these rumors, the doctor recommends following a Mediterranean diet and exercise regularly, since they are the only two recommendations for the prevention of breast cancer that are supported by scientific studies. Together with these two recommendations, this specialist also recalls the importance of avoiding tobacco consumption and make a moderate consumption of alcohol to try to minimize the development of this tumor.

In addition, another action that can help detect the occurrence of breast cancer as soon as possible is population screening by performing ultrasound or mammograms on women from a certain age, which can vary according to each autonomous community. Complementary to this activity, the realization of breast self-exams at home on a regular basis can also help the early detection of this tumor, the most frequent among women in Spain.

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