Fall cleaning! Tricks to do the best fall cleaning at home

Yesterday it rained in Madrid and the temperatures have dropped, an unequivocal sign that the autumn is coming. Do you want more proof? Summer officially ends on September 22, that is, there are only 5 days left to start the new season on the right foot. All ritual is little to alleviate the situation (worthy of a science fiction film) that we are experiencing. Therefore, and to enter this new station on the right foot, the best thing you can do (in addition to purifying your amulets and sweeping, always, outwards: since we get to the rituals, we do it well) is a fall cleaning or, failing that, 'fall cleaning' for the millennials present. What does it consist of? Well, in a thorough cleaning of a lifetime, but like the 'spring cleaning', there are some essential steps you must follow.


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After having spent the whole summer outside, if you are one of the lucky ones who has stepped on the beach this year, your house needs a deep cleaning. And not the kind of absentmindedly wiping the shelves. Doing the closet change (although this should be a separate topic), taking Marie Kondo at her word with the 'decluttering', changing sheets, taking the rugs to the dry cleaner, giving the curtains a water (yes, from time to time you have to take them off their pedestal) … for a reason this homely facelift has the word 'deep' next to it.

Take back your space again, that's the first task. Apply the golden rule 'konmari': throw away everything that does not serve you, that no longer makes you happy (because "spark joy" should always be a vital decision, also with people) or simply no longer has a use in your house or in your life. Free yourself and say goodbye to everything that no longer serves to make room for the new. And we are not talking precisely about material objects. Once you've gotten rid of the belongings that got in your way, yes, those flip-flops in the middle of the hall weren't exactly useful, the time has come to put order and above all, clean.

Get down to work and grab a pencil and paper because …. yes, we go for stays. Behold the holy grail of a fall cleaning In all rules. Our mothers would be proud.

For the kitchen (and bathroom)

-Clean the walls, tiles and tiles. Wow, the walls are not without their dose of bleach.

-The refrigerator has been empty for a month … and now it is time to disinfect and clean it thoroughly before making the purchase. Yes, under the fridge you also have to clean.

-If you have a dishwasher … it's time to give it a go. You can also buy special tablets that disinfect in a special program (yes, you cannot load the machine).

The oven does not escape this list … inside and out.

-Wash and disinfect (yes, inside) the garbage cans throughout the house.

-Not to emphasize the need to clean the shower / bathtub more thoroughly than ever, as well as the toilet and the hand wash.

In the bedroom (and closet)

-Change the bedding and wash everything you normally forget, such as decorative cushion covers, bed covers …

-Dust (if you think it is not necessary to wash) the carpets and vacuum.

-Make the change of wardrobe, wash all the summer clothes and store them in special bags under the bed or on top of the closet to have more organized fall / winter clothes.

In the rest of the house

Clean, disinfect and vacuum all furniture or decorative objects that you see. Especially now, having a bacteria-free home is paramount. Do not forget to clean under the tables, dressers, furniture and closet that may be scattered around the house.

-Don't forget the sofa: if it has a cover, wash it. If this is not the case, vacuum it thoroughly and wash the cushion covers, blankets and all the decorative objects that you may have on or next to it.

-If you have artificial or fabric plants, it's time to pamper them with water and mild soap. Dust the leaves of the natural plants as well, but very carefully.

-Clean computer screens, television … and also keyboards and television controls or other electronic devices.

-Wash the curtains and draw them in all rooms.

And when everything is done … voilĂ ! Clean house and happy house. And it is that, according to experts, The key to peace of mind is picking up your house. Little word.

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