Eyebrow laminate: the ideal complement for your makeup

Eyebrow lamination is a beauty trend that has gained popularity for its results and benefits. What does it consist of? Here we detail it.

Last update: 03 October, 2022

The eyebrows have gone through various transformations with the passing of time; Fine, thick, tattooed—just to name a few—they have been adorning the faces of both women and men. Today, eyebrow lamination has become a trend as a complement to makeup. What does it consist of?

You have probably already heard about this technique, which has made its way along with the lifting of tabs. Both treatments seek to achieve natural, defined and voluminous results. However, the laminate seeks to frame the eyes and is recommended for those eyebrows with thick hair. Next, all the details.

How is eyebrow lamination performed?

As detailed in a review published in Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, Eyebrows perform very important biological and aesthetic functions. Hence, its care and appearance is part of the beauty routine of most people.

Over time, many cosmetic methods have been developed to beautify, shape and adapt them to the shape of each face. Among these, eyebrow lamination has gained a following due to its advantages.

Now, we must consider that with this technique it is not possible to fill the eyebrows with hair, so it is not a substitute for microblading. The laminate only serves to mold and redesign them, especially when the hair is messy and poorly defined.

Among other things, this procedure makes the eyebrows look thicker and with a smooth appearance. It is painless, because it is only necessary to use serums and special products to then brush the hairs in the area upwards.

The process time depends largely on the type of hair and its quantity. However, it usually takes around 40 minutes for both eyebrows. Next we detail how it is step by step.

The purpose of eyebrow lamination is to improve the aesthetics of this part of the face. It is a quick and painless procedure.

1. Choice of design

First of all, the beautician has to draw the eyebrow design according to the type of face. Ideally, it harmonizes well with the features so that the result is more aesthetic. Once this is done, he will proceed to shape it.

2. Cleaning the eyebrow area

In order to achieve a neat and professional finish, it is necessary to cleanse the brow area. Not only do you have to remove any trace of makeup or products. This also involves removing unwanted hair.

An eyebrow tweezer is often used. However, some professionals offer other methods of hair removal, such as threads, wax and other tools.

3. Apply the fixative

It is necessary to determine if the components of the fixative are safe, especially if there is a history of skin allergies. With that said and once you clean the brow area, the expert must apply a liquid adhesive. With this product, the hair remains firm, thick and “perfect” for around 2 months.

4. Soften the eyebrows

After fixing the hair, it is necessary to apply a serum to smooth and achieve a more natural finish. In turn, this product provides a plus of nutrients to the hair follicle to keep the eyebrows strong.

5. Comb and define

After waiting a few minutes for the product to do its thing, the specialist will proceed to comb the eyebrows with a special brush. This is the last step for the eyebrows to take on the agreed design and enhance the look.

How long does eyebrow laminate last?

The durability of this technique depends a lot on the care. Under normal circumstances, it should last about two months. However, it lasts less in those who practice water sports or who go to the beach very often, for example.

The eyebrow laminate can last up to two months, depending on the aftercare applied.

Laminate eyebrows, a technique that adds versatility to the look

The brow laminate is a safe beauty treatment, as long as quality products are used and the services of an expert on the subject are contracted. One of its advantages is that it does not damage the hair fiber or fatigue the skin.

During the first 24 hours after treatment, the eyebrows may appear darker than expected. However, this improves after this time and the natural finish begins to be noticed.

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